Ask a friend to help you.

All great videos start with a great online video script. You can use all the latest technology spicing up your video, but if it does not have the right message delivered in a compelling way, all those CGI effects will have been for nothing. When you consider how effective online video marketing can be, it certainly pays to get it right.

Here are some tips to help you deliver your marketing message in the best way possible.

Keep It Light

The written word naturally lends itself it a certain formality.  When you are speaking your message, the tone needs to be far more casual and intimate. Image the camera is a friend, and you’re just having a light-hearted conversation with them. Of course you need to plan carefully what you’re going to say, but make sure it isn’t filled with convoluted language and delivered too seriously.

Practice With A Friend

After you have learned what you’re going to say, it’s a good idea, before you start shooting, to have a friend listen. He can pick you up on any repeated verbal ‘tics’, like ‘um or ‘er’ and can give you friendly advice about how fast to talk, and how to keep your eyes on the camera.

Keep It Short

Viewers will often look at the length of a video before they click ‘Play.’ They will often reject a video if it is more than a few minutes long. For this reason it’s good to make your video short, about 60 – 90 seconds in length. It is surprising how much information you can get across in that amount of time, if it is well planned by your online video production staff.

Create A Hook

You need an intriguing opening to your video. A good idea is to pose a problem in your online video script that your viewer may be having, and then position yourself as the one who can solve that problem. The opening statement could be the description of the problem and your unique solution– the core of your web video marketing message.

Tell A Story

We all love a story. You could create a story about the problem you have posed – going on to describe the consequences if the problem is not addressed. The story will have a happy ending with you describing the solution to the problem which your product or service provides.

Keep It Simple

Keep the vocabulary and sentence construction used in your video very clear and simple. You don’t want to dilute your message with complicated language which is hard to understand and would be very off putting. Remember you have to earn the right for your video to be viewed by your prospective client – it is easy for him to switch off as soon as he becomes bored or confused.

Call To Action

Every video must have a goal in mind, and this goal is stated in your call to action with the help of carefully written online video script. You may want the viewer to supply their email address, pick up the phone or visit a website. Whatever it is, it should be clearly stated so that the prospective customer is left in no doubt what they are expected to do.

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