As a business owner, you need to go beyond the four walls of your company. Even when it comes to sponsorship activities which is another means of marketing your biz.

And that is exactly what we did at Melbourne Video Production when we became part sponsor of the Mars One Project. Mars One plans to establish a human settlement on the Red Planet. And they plan to do it by the year 2024. Right now they are recruiting people who can be great candidates to be among the first human settlers on another planet.

It is definitely the next giant leap for mankind… and we are taking part of it. At least in our own little way.

Perhaps the biggest take away from this is for you to look beyond the limitations of your business. You might be surprised at what you can see.

You can read our press release here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/marsone/project/prweb10897049.htm

Mars One Project

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