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Video Transcript: Pete: Good morning, everybody. My name is Pete Williams and for those of you who don’t know Dave, Dave Jenyns over there. Welcome to the Small Business Internet Marketing Workshop today. We’re going to cover a lot of ground when it comes to running a successful business. But before we do, I just want to share with you a story about two kids from Boston, Massachusetts.

One young kid is name Billy and the other young kid is Johnny. Billy is one of those kids that no matter what’s going on his life, he’s always sad. No matter what’s happening, he is always disappointed and grumpy, and sad. Johnny, on the other hand, is one of those really bubbly kids who the kids just love hanging out with, the three-year-olds. It didn’t matter what’s going on, he’s always happy and running around and smiling.

A couple of scientists or researchers from one of the prestigious universities in Massachusetts recently decided to run a study on these two kids to get an idea of what is causing their happiness and their sadness, and try to get an idea of what is happening.

What they did is they took the two kids into one of the lecture halls at the university over there in Massachusetts and actually decided to see if their environment would change the way they were in attitudes. So they took Billy, the first little kid, and said, ok, Billy, let’s go down the hall and we’ll go into this room. In this room are going to be amazing toys. So they took him down there and opened it up.

There were red racing cars. There were little water pistols. There were Xboxes and Wiis, and every toy you can imagine. Basically, the entire Christmas list. So they said, Billy, half an hour to an hour, go and play. Do what you need to do, and we’ll just come back and check in an hour. So they left him there and grabbed Johnny, the happy, bubbly kid. They said the exact same thing. We’ll take you down to the other end of the hall and put you into a different room. That room was full of horse manure, nothing but horse manure. There you go, Johnny. You’ve got an hour. Have some fun in the bunch of horse manure.

An hour went by. And throughout, the scientists are looking through the reverse mirrors and all that sort of thing you see on sci-fi TV shows. Here’s Billy for the whole hour, plays with one toy, starts crying, plays with another toy and throws it and breaks it. After about half an hour, they said, we can’t wait the whole hour. This is just very strange. So they opened the door and went in and sat down with Billy and said, Billy, what’s going on? You seem to be upset. When you first came in here, you smiled because you were excited about all these toys and now you’re crying and sad.

Every single toy had a problem. The red fire engine wasn’t red enough. The water pistol didn’t shoot far enough. Every single toy had a problem. They sat there and scratched their heads and said, this is a bit strange. Obviously, there is something a bit deeper here and we’ll worry about it later. They went down the hall and thought, half an hour in a room with horse manure is enough for one little three-year-old. They went in to see what happened there, and they opened the door and walked in. There’s Billy throwing the manure everywhere, having an absolute ball.

The manure is hitting the fan. It is all over the place. They turned around and scratched their heads again, and they were as perplexed as they were when they saw Billy. Ok, Johnny, come here a sec. Buddy, what’s going on? He was wiping the manure off his face and having a great time. What’s going on here, man? He said, I’m having fun like you told me to. What do you mean? Ok, that’s great. But you’re in a room full of horse manure. How can you be having fun? He turned to them with a look of, you idiots, and said, with all this in here, there has got to be a pony some place.

I guess what I’m trying to say with that story is that throughout today’s session and even through life, always look for the pony and think of your small business goals. As Dave said earlier, at the end of the day, we want to hear some of the pony moments you’ve had. So look through today and always try to find that pony. Because I guarantee for every one of you, with your attitude towards business, there are going to be two or three ponies today that you can go home and ride.

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