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Video Transcript: Question: There are a lot of opportunities I think that we’ve all found over the past couple of days but the ones that I focus more on with the businesses that I’m involved with, one is the band that I dj and manage is first and foremost. I’ve got a lot of video content which we’ve shot right throughout all of our gigs but we haven’t been able to put those together. So that’s now going to be my plan of attack to get it in the right format to get it out.

David: Repurposing content, you’re taking what you’re already doing, that’s a really good one.

Question: I think there’s about three years of content there, so there’s a lot to do. The next thing is I work for an online moneybags.com.au which is an online shop for investors. They have about three thousand books and that’s been one of my struggles as a marketer for this company, is that there are no authors that actually then make video blogs or videos to then put up on YouTube. So there is a massive opportunity there as well for your internet video marketing efforts to succeed.

David: Yes, calling them up and interviewing them, yes that’s brilliant. You say, I’m selling your books, I want to help you sell more books, that’s a really good one.

Question: There are a lot of them that aren’t doing it, so that’s the first one. Trading and property, like a property investor and trading myself, that’s another one that I could probably look at, to review some of the other experts that are out there that aren’t getting that information out. Like you guys were saying, try and get as much content as you can but then based on your objective and tailor what type of content that would be, whether you’d spend the money to get the content in a particular fashion or just flip out your iPod and just capture it or your iPhone and capture it.

David: You just spawned another really good idea which I heard at Eben Pagan’s event. He was talking about the idea of, let’s say you were dealing with high end clients where the life time value might be a few thousand dollars. How about you mail them a Flip camera which might cost you a couple of hundred dollars and you say, you can have the Flip camera if you record me a testimonial and then post me back the memory stick. That works really well with high end clients. Obviously it’s not going to work if you’re selling a $30 t-shirt, but it could work really well if you were a plastic surgeon. Who knows, that’s just one off the top of my head. It’s a really good way to get testimonials.

Question: Yes, just getting more of the content and then just put it out efficiently.

David: What have you got Brent?

Brent: Yes, there is a lot of information there. If I were to think of the thing that I would use most out of this week end, it’s probably the structures for scripting. It makes it so methodical, the story structure, the Q&A 10 x 10 questions, the interview questions that you’ve got there. If you just used them, there’s no end of content that you could actually come up with.

In our organization, we’ve got someone that does content exceptionally well and he’s so clear and he’s so precise. That’s one of the things that he’s built up as a skill over a long period of time. With the right systems, I think you’re able to take that skill and distill it and get very similar results without the ten years of training and the doctorate of education.

Ben: Could I just add to that? Another thing I’m doing with one of my clients now, it’s a big architectural firm, I’m getting them to do, I’m calling them the studio sessions. You do a one minute interview with the people who work in the organization. There’s a lot of IP in that. You’ve got these experts in whatever thing they do. You sit them down and you do the Apple style interview, they’re looking off camera and then you publish those. You put up one every week. Here’s Brent on SEO marketing or keyword marketing or something like that. You use your existing collateral to reposition yourselves as experts as well.

It’s good if it’s in an interview style because then it’s less salesy as well. It’s just like, here is some fabulous information, here’s the cutting edge. For these guys, it’s like the cutting edge in hospital design and architecture like that. I did fifteen interviews and they’ll all get posted and they’ll all just feed back into the company.

Question: That’s fantastic, I’m going to use that. There’s another point that you made that you just touched on. The key point was leveraging your content when you’ve produced it and actually putting it out to the list. If you go back to that theory, that if you’ve got a lot of page views, it’s a lot easier to get that content ranked and that content is increasing the size of your list. Now this is a really nice machine that cycles things up. The more you put out that content, the more views you’re going to get, the more people you’re going to get signed up to your list, the more people are going to be there when you put out that next bit of content. I thought that was fantastic especially when you start looking for people offering video marketing services to promote your content.

David: Yes, it’s reaching that critical mass, that’s where you want to get to, where then you don’t have to think about a lot of that SEO material that I talked about, because it happens naturally. Yes, that’s really good.

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