Start advertising through videos.

Google has recently added online video advertising campaigns to the AdWords platform, AdWords for Video. So far it is limited in release to the UK, the US and Germany as a beta version. It allows you the web business owner to design and target your video ad and target its success with the help of marketing video production. There are several excellent features to this service.

Firstly, it is easy to set up. It is similar to the AdWords interface. The only difference is there is a new tab to navigate through the video campaigns and to create a new video campaign.

Second there are four different ad formats from marketing video production. In-Display ads are shown in the Google display network and the display format is based on the webmaster’s and advertiser’s settings. In-Stream are ads that the viewer can see before he sees the other video content, but which he is able to skip. In-Search ads are the YouTube ads appearing on the search screen of the YouTube website and Google video searches. Finally, In-Slate ads are ads selected by views from several options and are not able to be skipped.

Online video advertising has been criticized in the past as not allowing results to be easily measured. AdWords for Video has improved this. You can find statistics related to : the total cost, the cost per view (CPV), website click through numbers, the view rate and number of impressions (which is less important than the views because you want the viewer to watch the video through online video production.)

These statistics are valuable because they allow you to find out exactly what is working and what isn’t.  You can compare your current statistics with statistics gathered from previous campaigns. You can then make adjustments to your campaign to capitalize on the results that you have found.

Previously online video marketing has not made it easy to target specific audiences. With this service, you can search for actual keywords, targeted keywords that apply to a particular topic, themes and placements and you can advertise within specific topics and demographics.

These are some of the main features you will find on AdWords for Video. If you are looking to getting involved in video advertising in the future, this service will be most valuable to you when it becomes generally available with the help of marketing video production.  It incorporates many features which address the objections raised in regard to online video advertising previously. AdWords is sure to gain a lot of interest in the future.

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