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Video Transcript: The first thing you can do is choose its locations. Unlike SEO general search results, not Google Local, just general search results, your listing will pretty much appear for anybody in Australia who searches. With Google AdWords, you can target that. So if you’re a physio in a particular area, you can say, I only want my ad to show when people in my area search.

So let’s do that aside from implementing your other small business marketing ideas. We’ll go state Victoria. We want to search one or more locations. I want to limit this a little bit more, so we’ll go to search. What area are you in? Bayside Melbourne. There, it’s given you an area of Bayside. So I’m just going to remove Victoria and let’s just say Melbourne City. I’ll put in Hampton. So this is Hampton with a certain radius around it. Let’s say within 15 kilometers of Hampton. So you can literally add this area, you will receive very little traffic. Obviously, you’re not going to see as much traffic as if you went for the whole of Victoria. But there is no point in your ad showing to people in Bendigo. So it’s going to show your ad in those areas.

So yes, you’re going to get fewer search results as it showed. But it’s going to give you a higher clickthrough rate because if your ad showed for people in Bendigo, they’re not going to click on that ad. So that click-through rate is going to be low which I said before, which is going to mean your quality score is going to be low, which means you’ll pay more for the click.

Question: Because you’ve got half the ocean there, can you move the circle across and maybe have a different centre, so it encompasses Hampton?

Pete: You can. The only issue there is no one can be searching in the ocean. So it’s not going to get you impressions. It comes down to how many times your ad is shown. Your ad is only going to be shown to people who search. So no one in the ocean is going to be searching. So yes, you will be shown to people searching in Hawthorn and Burwood. Is that too far for you?

Answer: Yes, probably.

Pete: So let’s go smaller. So let’s say we go out 10 kilometers around Hampton. Let’s just go five kilometers and say that’s enough. Obviously, you guys get the idea of how that works. So it’s just going to show the ad to people in that area. Obviously, you can play around with that based on your own niche and you own business, and things like that.

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