Make full use of your video playlist.

We are used to playlists when listening to music, and now we have them for web video. YouTube’s latest embedded video player includes this feature as part of their standard web video offering. This can help your business internet video production and web video marketing strategy.

Setting Up The New Video Player

It is easy to set up the new video player. You can create a custom playlist player embedded on your web site, including your own and videos not made by yourself and then generate an ‘embed code’ that you paste into your website to make it ’live’.

Create a custom player: go to YouTube and click ‘Custom Video Players’, then ‘Create Custom Player’. You select the colour and format for your player and then choose what is going to play in it. You then choose a playlist you have already made or add your own uploaded content or other videos. Click the ‘Generate Code’ button. Copy  and paste the code into your blog entry or web page.

How The Video Player Playlist Helps Your Web Video Marketing Strategy

Imagine that you run a gardening business and want to create a series of how to videos using information from an internet video production company. You may want to show your clients how they should choose drought resistant plants for their gardens, how to care for their lawn and what type of mulch to purchase for the best results.  You are enhancing your expert status by demonstrating your expertise in this area.

Perhaps you are a dentist and want to answer some FAQs. You can answer your clients’ questions about oral health in general, the use of dentures and how you incorporate relaxation techniques into your practice. You might want to make ten or twenty short videos answering these questions with the help of professional video marketing companies.

Both these situations are perfect scenarios for using the YouTube  Playlist video player. When your viewer has finished watching the first video in the series, he will see the next one and the one before suggested to him and he can go forwards or backwards in the playlist.

People are used to using playlist on their iPod and already on YouTube, so using them on your website will be easy for them. The new web video player playlist is much easier to use than previously where the viewer had to search for every video they wanted to watch and they then had the suggested videos listed down the right hand side of the page. Now they are given the suggested videos within the video player itself.

This added feature of the playlist will improve the quality of your clients’ viewing. It is simple and straightforward to set up and is well worth taking the time to do that. Your viewers will appreciate the convenience and will no doubt stay longer on your website, thus improving your chance of making more sales using internet video production. Click here for more tips on how to come up with these videos for your business. You can also contact our team at Melbourne Video Production today for expert video creation assistance.

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