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Video Transcript: Hot seats. Your sites or competitors.’ Alright, let’s go and I want everyone else to put in their two cents in as well, not just myself. Integrated Consulting Solutions What’s the site, iconsultingsolutions.com.au? I had a look at this last night as well. Now, I’ll ask you a question in a second. So Integrated Consulting Solutions ‘is a management services company that helps organizations develop, audit and maintain management systems, achieve certifications, international standards, manage risk, improve business efficiency and drive customer satisfaction.’ What on earth does that mean? That makes no sense to me at all.

Answer: What it means is that we set up management systems for companies, like occupational health and safety, quality, environmental and we help them pass the test for certification.

Pete: Pass the test, improve work efficiency, and not get fined. I’m trying to my head around what you actually do.

Answer: Yes, well they have to get an international certificate to prove that they’ve got a particular type of management system and we help them pass that test.

Pete: Who is the type of person to make the first enquiry to you guys? Who’s the avatar?

Answer: The CEO of the organization and generally he’s under pressure because one of his
customers wants him to have that particular international certificate fast.

Pete: So you help them get certified so they get the contract quicker?

Answer: Yes.

Pete: Say that, because that to me, I’m a CEO of a multimillion-dollar company and that means nothing to me. I guess it’s different because it’s not my niche but the first thing to me, I just read that and said, what on earth do you do?

Look, from a couple of perspectives, there’s a thing called the fold line. Has anyone heard what the fold line is? It comes from the newspaper days that when you see a newspaper folded in half, the things that people actually see when they first saw the newspaper on the stand, was above the fold. It was the top half of the newspaper. It was very important to have your headlines and if you were in advertising, to have your advertisement above the fold so people saw it more.

The same thing goes for the website. The fold line is basically considered the line where the browser stops. So it’s important to have your biggest messages above that fold line. So you’ve got this huge space here. Half of the website above the fold is taken up by this big image that says ‘We Build on Your Strengths,’ which personally to me isn’t a sales proposition. It’s not a headline that converts. It’s not a communication tool. So I would reduce that quite a bit, make it smaller, cut it in half, do something where it’s not so much above the fold.

The other thing which I talked about is, you want people to call you up as a first instance. People aren’t going to call you up or visit you at a PO Box. You’ve got PO Box, PO Box address, your phone number and your fax number. I would think that no one really wants your PO Box unless they’re already doing business with you. No one is going to send you mail saying, hi, I want to do business with you. Can you please call me on this number? No one is going to send you a postcard.

That’s not relevant. They’re going to pick up the phone and call you. So put that big 1800 number that we spoke about there, ‘for a free half hour consultation’ or some sort of value proposition. ‘Call us on this number,’ that’s going to get them to pick up the phone. That’s what they want.

People are going to search for ISO consulting or whatever sort of service terms they are, whatever sort of keywords you come up with, because they want to do business. They want to talk to you. So make it easy for them to talk to you and put that big phone number up there.

Even just do a video, which Dave will talk about later. You can sit there and say, hi, I do this, I do that. We can help you with this. You’ve got that contract you’re trying to get but you need to get the certification. We’ll help you get it really quickly so you can get that job. Call us now.

Question: That’s actually a really good point because one of the hard things is to explain what we do and web video players would show it a lot better than a paragraph of text.

Pete: Dave, I’m sure Dave has got some points in this. He had a look at this as well. You’ve got to work out what people want when they’re coming to your site. What’s the value proposition, that avatar, that person actually wants to experience and give it to them straightaway. The fold line is a big thing on this site. The phone number is another big thing. And speak in English.

One of the things that really works well from our telco perspective is that our competition are technicians. I still have no idea how to install a phone system, neither do my business partners. I don’t want to know and I don’t care. I know the solutions, and I know the benefits people are going to get and what the system can do. But I don’t know technical and our competitors do, and they talk technical.

For this 24-year-old receptionist/accounting officer working in an accounting firm who actually wants to get a phone system, she doesn’t know either. She barely knows accounting, let alone phone systems. So we talk to her and we talk about it in English. We will help you get your phone system quick fast, effectively which can give you these benefits. It’s not about the technical terms. It’s not about ISDN2s and onramps and all that other technical jargon.

So personally to me, and this is again, I don’t know your clients, I’m just talking from my perspective is ISO 19001 and HACCP, to me, that means nothing. If it means something to the people, then obviously leave it on there. Also, you have clients: Port of Melbourne Corporation, Belmatic Industries. If your clients know these companies, put their logos on there rather than putting small text. Actually put your clients’ logos down the side.

Put some video testimonials on there to actually say on the home page, Port Melbourne Corporation. We were able to land a $100,000 deal in two weeks because they got your certification. Put real-world testimonials on the home page with their logo and so on which people actually recognize. That is a huge conversion thing.

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