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Video Transcript: Giving tutorials is about positioning yourself as an expert. It’s also good to talk to an expert. These people who have been working in an industry for twenty years and just know everything and you aligning yourself with them gives you instant credibility. Dave is really good at it, he sets up interviews with people all the time, whether live, where he’ll just set up the camera and talk to them, or over the phone or over Skype and then we’ll talk about how to turn that into a video as well.

Obviously it’s mutually beneficial, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Most successful people are happy to share. In my experience of life, people who have made it, just have this natural wanting to share about it. So extract those questions from them, find out what makes them tick. It’s also future proofing for when you’re famous or when you step up that level.

I know Dave, when he was moving more into the internet marketing, he set up all these connections with these big, successful internet marketers. So when he’s at that same level, he can say, oh, I interviewed Rich Schefren years ago. There’s that thing of going, I’ve already got access to these people. Or you call them and say, remember when we did that interview, I’m about to launch a product and I’d like you to be involved.

What to write? Ask them what you want to know, the answers to the questions you want to know. Don’t ask the standard, like when you watch Rove or you watch a thing and it’s like, when did the movie come out and how’s your dog? The things that you’re passionate about, most likely other people will be passionate about as well. It will come across in the interview, you’ll get excited and they’ll get excited and it will read well.

Some questions you can ask, it’s all about generating that expertise: how did you get started, because everyone wants to know. No one starts out as an expert. What’s your philosophy, who were some of your mentors, that’s always interesting, what are some of the challenges you’ve faced, because that’s what we do, that’s the second act of our lives. What do you think has made you successful, so what have you done to overcome those challenges, what advice would you give for people looking to get into this field and what’s next for you, what’s your vision for the future? Again, you’ll come up with your own questions as well.

Testimonials, now this is what others say about you. Now if you’ve been to any seminars that we’ve done before, we love getting testimonials from you. Then there is that credibility, someone else actually believes in you. What I think is really interesting, it tells you what is important to your clients.

If you’re thinking they’re so stuck on price, it’s all about the price of it, but they’re saying, you know what, I just want someone who makes it easy for me, or someone who understands and listens to what I do and that’s what keeps coming back in your testimonials, then that’s going to tell you a lot about how to make other videos, other sales things that you do, other products that you want to create.

Set it up at the beginning of the job. Like Dave does or we do today, it’s like we would really like you to do some testimonials. If you believe in what we’re doing, if you’re getting benefit from it, then we’d love your help. I do it with my clients as well. At the start of the job I say, if you’re happy with it, I’d love a testimonial from you and they’re more than happy to do that.

What to write? These are just some questions and you’ll find this when we ask you and, again, think about that outcome that you want. So if you want people to trust you and things like that, you need to ask questions surrounding that. What was the situation before they came to work with you or before they came to this seminar? Why did they choose you? So we ask what brought you here today, what was the result, what does that mean to you, so on a personal level, what has been the benefit, what’s happening now, so what’s going on with your business now, what advice would you give to someone looking to work with you and finally is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’m just rushing through these, we’ve got a fair bit to go in about five minutes’ time, so I’m working through. Here’s an example, so read this testimonial. Now watch this one. (video)

You look on a website and you see a company but she’s the person behind it who’s trying to build her company and pay her bills and provide for her employees and things like that. So seeing someone saying, I was worried, but then I solved it, is so powerful. It really does speak for itself.

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