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Video Transcript: An example of that little process I took you through, if you head over to that YouTube video and check it out in your own time, this is the BBS Formula, it’s a product we’re launching at the moment with Ryan and Danny. It’s all about buying, building and selling websites. The way that I go through the process, I lead off with buying, building and selling is the biggest opportunity online, so I’m hooking them with, we’ve got a huge opportunity.

Then I lead into telling them a bit of a story about how we purchased five hundred websites and how we then went through those to filter out the gold. Then how we stumbled and came across this opportunity online of buying, building and selling websites. So that’s part of the story.

Then what’s it all about? That’s again part of this story area where I also talk about, well, what is it that we’re looking to do? Here’s the opportunity, here’s how we discovered the opportunity, now here’s how we’re bringing the opportunity to you because we’ve decided to document what it is that we’re doing.

Who we are, that starts to build that proof and credibility, we build up Ryan, we build up myself, we build up Danny as well. We position ourselves as the expert. We tell them how much it’s going to cost them. They can find out all the details below. We include the guarantee, 100% money back guarantee. I think if you can’t feel confidant to stand behind your product, then you probably shouldn’t be selling your product, so we stand behind everything we do and we tell them, book your spot now.

I won’t show you the video, I’ll just show you the landing page as well, I think there’s a lesson in there. We’ve got the video play straight away we tell them what to do, gets them instant access, tells them how much it is and then below I have some text that fills out what is covered in the video. I’ll tell you why I put text in there and that’s why I took you to this example. I want to show you a test that I ran and the results that I got, but obviously the results may vary for you.

In my trading market, we were launching a product called the Online Trading Mastermind. I started to see a whole lot of internet marketers bringing out video sales letters that just had the video and a click here to buy. There was no text underneath. I thought, ok, that could be a good idea, let’s go ahead, internet marketers being on the cutting edge. We tried to replicate that in our market. There was our first page on the left hand side. It was just the video and very much some bullet points. It was a low end product, short video and then a join now to make it quite clear. That’s what I started with.

Question: I’m probably going to be hyper critical here abut there’s no promise in your text.

David: That’s the thing that I came across because I was looking at a lot of internet marketers and saw them creating these videos with no text and an opt in button. So I just thought, I’m just going to do that, with buy now. I was replicating what they were doing. What I found, and I can only surmise what happened in this example, or guesstimate what happened, I think the internet marketing crowd is now getting educated into that’s how you act. Also the message in that very was very clear. In hindsight my message in my video wasn’t very clear and I didn’t have any supporting text, so people weren’t opting in.

So I jumped and redid on the right hand side, this is in the same launch. So the first one bombed, it’s ok to bomb, even people who are good at it bomb, as long as you take that and improve on it. We added a headline, added some text, threw out what was in the video and then we got a seven times better result by making the offer crystal clear. My gut feeling, until you get really good at script writing, from everything you’re going to learn from Ben, also incorporate having some of that script that you write as part of the sales letter on the page as well.

That’s a little bit about video sales letters and opt in sales letters are very similar. I’ve given you an example there: meta-formula.com. You can go have a look. There’s a screen shot. I drive traffic to that website to opt in to my Metastock website. I’ve got a video up the top, build the credibility underneath and then have the opt in form as well. I’ll tell them in the video what they’ll get, I’ll build some trust. I’ll tell them, I’ve been using Metastock for over ten years, I’ve helped coach clients for five years. Then I’ll tell them what to do, go ahead and opt in and enter your details below. On the final page I also make an offer.

As someone has already made a micro commitment when they opt in, it’s like they’ve said yes, I’m opting in, I believe what you say, it’s a really good time to make them an offer straight after they’ve opted in. It’s like they’ve given you a micro commitment saying, I believe you. They want to be congruent, if you make them another offer, they want to think, yes, I did the right thing by opting in, ok, I trust him enough, I’ll go ahead and make the purchase, so that page converts really well.

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