How should you go ahead and make a video sales letter which sets you apart from the rest of your competitors?

Once you have a great opening, the secret to holding the attention of your viewer is by telling them a story.

We are more likely to buy from a person whom we like than from a person whom we dislike. Video is a great way to build this liking. It is much easier for your audience to connect with you through video than it is through text or still images. You can also show your viewer that you understand the concerns and problems that they are facing.

Start to build your story on your online video sales letter. Relate exactly how you came to be where you are now and the obstacles and difficulties you overcame to get there. There will be points in your story where your viewer can feel, he is exactly like me. He has faced similar difficulties to me and he has found a way through.

To tell your story effectively, walk in the shoes or your audience for a few moments. Feel the pain they are feeling and try and articulate their problems better than they can themselves. When you do this, your viewer will think when he is watching your video, ‘He really understands me. I believe him and believe he can help me.’

Keep your story relevant to the life experiences of your watcher. If you are no longer relevant you will lose them. Start your video sales letter with a statement of one of the biggest benefits the client will receive by purchasing your product or service. You could be begin by saying, ‘You’re about to discover,’ and then outline the biggest benefit that you’re trying to get across.

Get their attention and make them listen well to what you have to say.

Alternatively you can start with a strong statement of their problem. ‘Are you suffering the humiliation of severe hair loss? I can understand what you are going through and I can offer a risk free solution.’ You have caught them where they are. You are not manipulating or hoodwinking your audience, but simply providing the facts and offering them an honest solution to their problem.

Finding common ground with your audience by relating your story will provide the basis for an emotional attachment to you and what it is that you’re offering. You will soon develop a loyal following of people who are grateful that you have provided them with good, old-fashioned honest service.

Because high emotions are involved here, it is of the utmost importance that you operate with integrity and a strict adherence to the truth when making a video sales letter. The web is unforgiving. If you act dishonestly, this will be apparent for all to see, and your reputation will be ruined forever. There is no going back once you have lost your good reputation, because a fine reputation is what a solid business is based on. Play clean and fair and you will be proud of a business you have built fairly and honestly.

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