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Video Transcript: Ben: It just ups the quality of it. I’m going to make that four seconds because it is a bit long for me. Ok, so now we’ve got a lower third, bang, so we know who I am. The last thing is we like to put a watermark all the way through for a few reasons. One is just for branding, so people embed where it’s coming from and two, can be so people don’t rip it off. We’ve had a great compliment, I’ll let Dave tell you about that.

David: A little while ago Ben created that Google versus Yellow Pages, just Google it on YouTube. We started to find a whole lot of people started to rip it off, snipped the front of it, snipped the end of it and then put their own SEO company at either end of it.

The main reason we like to put the url throughout the entire video is when you’re thinking about distribution. What is the primary goal of getting these videos out there? Getting them back to the website. Not only that, as they’re watching it, people have short attention spans. They might click away really quickly, so if the goal is to get them back to the website, and they’re ready to get back to your website now, don’t put the hurdle for them that they have to watch the entire video before they find out where to go. So through your entire video you have the url and you have it over to the left hand side so it’s not constricted by, or covered by any sort of logos.

Ben: There are only a few more steps and everyone is getting tired and hot and ready for lunch, so we’re almost there. So now I’m going to put in the watermark as part of basic video editing. I use a different lower third, this is the one next to it, it just says lower. I put that in. You see it highlights blue. That’s just telling me how much coverage it’s going to get on the footage and we can change that.

So first of all I get it in there, I click into it, usually you don’t need to put in the www because it just takes up space. Where’s this one going?

David: That would be, just do melbourneSEOservices.

Ben, Ok, melbourneSEOservices.com. It’s on the right hand side, so it’s going to conflict once it gets on the YouTube watermark, so I just show fonts, put it on the left. I usually get rid of the outline because you want it to be quite strong. What’s going to happen is, it’s going to stand out.

To me that’s not a watermark, that’s very clear, it’s quite distracting. So what I like to do is, I’ll go into it again, I click into it in this right hand editing screen and I go to show fonts. Then I change the opacity of it. I bring it down to make it transparent. So we just go into colour and then at the bottom you’ll see opacity. You just play around and usually around 50% is good, depending on your background, what it’s going against. If you’re on a dark background you can afford to make it more transparent. If it’s a lighter background you need to make it darker using a video production software. It defaults to white, so let’s have a look at what it looks like.

Once we put that on full screen it should be ok. You might want to make it black and then make it less transparent depending on the background. This is something just to play around with. What happens is you get that instant, you find out who the person is and you know what it is.

The way the eye works, people will look at that at first and then it will just become part of it, it’s still there. This lower third, the watermark only goes to there, really simply you go the end and you just drag it down and it will populate where you need it to go. So now it goes all the way through, right to the end. You want to take it right to the end and then it will fade out as you leave. That’s the bulk of it.

These are just some of the ways you can do if you want to add watermark to video before you upload this online. Want more tips on how to edit videos for your small business? Contact us if you are looking for a professional team to help you with your own videos.

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