Screen capture videos have many great uses.

Have you ever sat back in frustration looking for easy screen capture video tips and thought ‘this would be so much easier to show rather than tell?’

Fifteen minutes into a long-winded email that does little but confuse the recipient, you realize you should have created a screen capture video to demonstrate your points – it would have been quicker and more effective.

Especially if you are doing a lot of work with employees overseas, how much easier is it to actually show them how you would like a logo to be changed than trying to describe it? The screen capture video can be especially useful to give feedback and to explain tasks to your offshore employees.

There are a variety of other uses for screen capture videos. They are perfect for easy screen capture video tutorials, training a staff member remotely, giving feedback and for ‘grabs’ for clients – for example to show them a point about their website. They can also be used to help make slide videos for sales presentations.

To make your screen capture video you need some screen capture software. The most commonly used are ScreenFlow for Mac and Camtasia for Mac and PC. ScreenFlow records the whole screen and is more intuitive.

You can use the computer’s built-in mike, a Snowball or a Bluetooth headset. This will enable a clear capturing of the audio. When you’re recording a screen recording, write bullet points in a notepad and have it off the recorded area. When you’re using screen capture software you can select what area of the screen is recorded, so your notes will be invisible to the audience.

Scripting is very important, and everyone needs to have a record of what they’re going to say. It may look as if some internet entrepreneur and other professionals are speaking ‘off the cuff,’ but this is rarely the case. Even if it looks spontaneous, this is only a result of diligent practice and years of experience. In fact the spontaneous look is created by careful practice and often with the help of some judiciously placed notes. Scripting is very important and is an area that you need to start with first.

Once you’ve done the screen capture recording, you can edit it and animate it using the best video screen capture software. You can zoom in, you can highlight things, you can change the angle and do any number of things to make the end result more attractive. This is a great resource.

However it is not necessary often to do in-depth post production editing, just as a detailed script is not necessary. The end user does not really mind if the finished product is a little rough around the edges. It’s the content, not the presentation that matters with training videos, for example.

The more you use screen capture software, the more you will see its value in communicating with your offshore staff. You will be able to get your point across with the minimum of fuss, and your employee will quickly understand exactly what you are trying to convey to them.

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