Go where the action is.

Web video production has suddenly become big business and is making the main players very handsome sums of money. A recent report by the BBC confirms the massive strides that have already been made in this area of website video production.

Today video hosting sites are some of the most popular on the internet and this is allowing successful video bloggers to cash in  in a big way.

About The Video Makers

Often these highly successful video makers are teenagers who create music videos or comedy sketches. The BBC says some of these young people are making six figures a year. They are doing this because marketers are also very interested in the fact that so many people are being attracted to the web video hosting sites, and the social media sites.

The Marketers Know This Is Where It’s At

For the marketers, this phenomenon of video watching makes it a cheap and easy way to get their products in front of large audiences.

The numbers are huge. YouTube receives 500 million unique viewers per month and recently 500 million users logged into Facebook in one single day. No wonder then marketers think they have found the answer to their prayers.

How The Video Makers Profit

Marketers pay the hosting sites and the video makers themselves can get a cut of this advertising revenue from website video production clients. Sites like Daily Motion and Blip pay good money to video makers who drive traffic to their sites. YouTube has paid millions of dollars to its amateur video makers over the last four years. If their video gets a thousand views, they can get $20, so for some really successful videos which get a million views, the video producer will earn $20,000.

Small businesses are even hiring extra  staff simply to learn more about video production tips and supply video to YouTube and Blip because it is very economically profitable.

More and more people are being lured away from TV to watch online video. This is obviously going to encourage the marketers to invest more into online video.

Go Where the Action Is

As a small online business and website video production owner in Australia, you need to get in on this action. If you start now, incorporating video into your website, you will be ahead of the pack. Don’t leave it until every one has worked out that video is the way to go. Get in ahead of your competition, and your business will go forward in leaps and bounds.

If you would like any more help regarding presenting a video, or any other aspect of video making, contact our team at Melbourne Video Production. We would be more than happy to help you in any way we can. You can also check out this resource on video making by clicking here.

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