Answer the right questions through your videos.

Online business owners generally recognize the need for web video on their sites. However, there are some businesses that don’t think their business lends itself to is using videos. Are you one of them? Let’s say you are a dentist – how could video be applicable to you? It might surprise you to know that there are absolutely no businesses that won’t benefit from website video production. Here are a few insights from our St. Kilda video company.

Ask the Questions Before Your Customer Does

If you are really in your customer’s space and understand the problems and difficulties he is facing, you will be able to ask and answer his questions before he does. Make a series of videos on the ten or twenty most frequently asked questions, giving succinct and informative answers to these questions using testimonial videos. Your customers will be helped, and impressed.

Become the ‘Master Dentist’ in Your Field

When you deliver regular, helpful information through video, you will start to position yourself as the ‘go to person in your field. Prospective clients will see you as the expert and will go to you for help and guidance, and then for the products and services you have on offer.

Show Your Clients How to Care for their Teeth

As the professional in your niche, you have lots of knowledge which your clients just don’t have. Start sharing this knowledge through some well scripted, well made videos. Show your clients how they should be ensuring their oral health. Demonstrate the correct use of mouth guards and splints so that their children’s teeth can be protected during rough games of sport. Outline the methods you use to help a client relax in the dentist’s chair with the help of website video production.

Grab The Attention of Your Client Through Video

Pages and pages of text will not create the same ‘buzz’ as a short, snappy video will. An interesting video will keep your prospective clients on your site longer and this will inevitably lead to increased business for you. You will reduce ‘bounce’ rates and get your prospective clients coming back for more. You will be able to get your marketing message across far more easily with the use of well placed online videos than through just text and still photos.

Video for All

Whatever your business, be it as a dentist or a landscaping company, video will bring your more leads and ultimately give you more sales. It is well worth the time it takes to invest in this effective tool with the help of a reputable website video production.

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