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Video Transcript: Why split test? Things like split testing: these websites are identical except for the red and green button. Having a red button increases conversions by 21%. Twenty-one percent more people who came to your site actually converted. This is another split test here with some slight changes, putting a photo of a girl there, moving the map down, making a few changes, changed the conversion rate of that page by 6.1%.

Another one here, couple of changes from left to right, the right-hand side performed better with a 65% bounce rate. What a bounce rate is, when someone comes to your site for the very first time, if they just leave straightaway without going any further on your site, it’s called a bounce. They come
in and they leave. That pretty much means that your site wasn’t relevant to them. Most people will click through a few links and play around on the site. So by putting that holiday sale in there, it had a 65% better bounce rate. Sixty-five percent more people stayed on the site basically.

How to split test?

There are a couple of ways to do this, by Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer. We’re actually running out of time. I was going to jump inside and play around with this, which I might do if we’ve got some time later today or I’ll do another video and jump in and show you some things just to give you a quick overview of what is possible. I recently relaunched the MCG material. I had some carpet left over and redid a series of frames and that sort of thing. And as part of that launch, I drove traffic to this site and got people to pre-register their interest in owning a piece of the MCG and built up a list that I can market to.

Google Website Optimiser

There are basically three elements to this site that I tested: headline, I recorded three different
videos and reworded this opt-in pitch here three different ways. Then inside Website Optimizer, a Google tool which allows you to actually grab parts of your site and say this is the headline, this is the
video, this is the opt-in box, and actually segregate those sites and put in three different combinations of each and say three different headlines, three different videos and three different opt-in boxes.

It will actually go to the site, just magically pick a combination and say, headline A, video A, opt-in box A is combination 1,this headline A, video A, opt-in box B is combination 2 and so on and so forth. It will give you an idea just how that affected it. There was one combination, combination 7 at the bottom that had a conversion rate of 4.85%. Four point eight five percent of people who came to that page with that particular combination opted in. A different combination got a 10.5% opt-in rate, so a double conversion rate with a different configuration of headline, video and opt-in box.

So if I just went and put my website up, and just by sheer luck or dumb luck or accident and chose a certain combination, I lost half the traffic that came to my site that could have been buyers. So you want to start testing this sort of thing. It’s pretty easy to do and I’ll run through a separate video and send it to you guys separately, just how this sort of thing works and what’s available. It’s really simple. You don’t have to do it. You can find people in the Philippines to do it. You can get your 15-year-old nephew to do it for you. This is pretty easy to do, or tell your website guy to do it. It’s really simple and it’s all free. Google will give you this for free. They’re trying to make your site’s better so the users get a better experience when they come through your site.

Google Analytics

Also quickly, and I’ll go into more depth in a later video which should be part of the DVD set but won’t be obviously, I’ll e-mail it to you. That is Google Analytics. Google actually has a tool that you put some code on your website and it tracks your users experience on your site. So again, it’s not just you making blind decision saying, yes, I don’t really like pink anymore, I’m going to change the site to orange. It’s doing it on real data.

To give you an idea of what sort of thing you can get out of Analytics, I’m just looking again at that particular Own the G website for the month of April. We had just under 4,000 visitors on the site in that month. The average visitor looked at one and a half pages. This website, as you see, really didn’t have much depth to it for a particular reason. There are a couple of Contact Us pages and an About Us page at the bottom. But the aim is to get people to look at the video and then give me their name and e-mail address so I can hit them with marketing after the fact.

You can do things through here. You can go into looking at website content and Analytics will show you of your website, which pages have the most views, to work out what pages get the most views so you can look at and change and adjust your site navigation and the content on your site to match what people are looking at.

You can look at the top landing pages. If you have a website with 1,800 pages or even 20 pages, what pages are people coming to first when they see your website? People don’t always come into your website through the index page. Sometimes they come in through your About Us page or a blog post.

If you’re ranking for dentist South Yarra and there’s a blog post, that’s the page that is actually ranked in Google and that’s the page they’ll see first. So you might want to change those pages based on this is a first-time viewer. You might find for a lot of sites, the index page isn’t the most visited or the most viewed landing page. It shows you different ways where people are coming from. You can go in here and see what are your top traffic areas.

For the MCG material, most people came directly through some marketing I was doing. Other people came through Fox Sports, Facebook advertising which we’ll talk about later, Google CPC which is the AdWords network. We didn’t get a lot of SEO things, but that wasn’t the aim. You’ll get an idea of where people are coming from and you can optimize and focus on that. You can manage only what you measure and these sorts of tools are designed to do that.

I’ll jump in and give you a good half hour video on all this sort of thing like online marketing solutions and send it to you guys later. But I encourage you to think about it and actually use it in some of your work. It’s testing it because it is not about you, it’s about the user.

Now you know how website split testing works, I hope you implement this to your website as soon as possible. Then if you’re keen to be recognized as the best in your niche, then you also have to launch your own professional videos. Want to get expert assistance in producing these quality videos for your business? Contact our team today.

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