There’s never been a better time for a business to start making web videos because now is always the right time to start boosting sales. This is the main reason, but there are other reasons for you to start making videos.

Firstly, web videos drive traffic. Well-made, well distributed videos will drive traffic to your website and your website should thrive on that, boosting your sales greatly.

Video is also search engine friendly, so it will help you dominate the first page of Google for your keywords. If you have a good call to action, this will help people be convinced that they need to head over to your website and if you have watermarking throughout, they will know exactly how to get there.

Video is the online equivalent of a face to face meeting. You look your customer in the eye and explain clearly just how your product or service is going to enrich their life and make their life easier using video making equipment. The conversion rate of video is far higher than plain text or audio and your sales will undoubtedly increase through the use of well-made video.

It’s far easier now even than it was two years ago to make web videos. It’s cheap, affordable, relatively easy to do and once you have set yourself up with the basic equipment of camera, audio and lights, you can make any number of effective and professional looking videos. All of this equipment should cost you no more than $1000. The editing and distributing is free or a very minimal cost. There is integration now between the software for editing and distributing and disseminating the video.

As well as conveying a marketing message, video allows you to demonstrate your knowledge in your business field. You can show your customers you understand their problems better than they do themselves and can offer effective solutions. By answering frequently asked questions, you can preempt many of the queries they will have about your products and services.

This all adds to your status as an authority and boosts your credibility and trustworthiness which are qualities which will ultimately decide whether someone will buy from you online or not.

Certainly over the last few years the ‘voodoo’ element from web video has been removed; the mystique which it held and kept people fearful of making their own videos has finally disappeared. Business owners now feel empowered and ready to take the plunge into the world of video.

Click here if you need direction and help in making your own web videos, our team at Melbourne Video Production has a wealth of expertise and experience we are willing to share. Simply contact us and we will give you all the help you need to make effective and professional looking videos. We have been making videos for our own business for a number of years and have encountered all the difficulties and overcome them through trial and error. We would be happy to pass on what we have learnt.

It’s a good idea to get started with your own web videos today.

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