Be an expert with the help of your own web videos.

You may think web video is only watched by teenagers who want music, their favourite TV programs and movies. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today web video, especially through the help of web video production in St. Kilda, is increasingly used by businesses to market their product and services.

Web Video Overtakes TV In The Advertising Stakes

The Internet Advertising bureau in the UK reported recently that brands spent more on online advertising than on TV commercials. Twenty –seven percent of their total expenditure was spent on the internet and online video sharing sites, and 26% on TV advertising. This was up 13.5% over last year’s internet expenditure.

It has become obvious that people are using social media sites and online video sites more and more and businesses are following where the people go! In theUKclearly advertisers are seeing that online video is effective in converting traffic into sales, and there is no reason to think that Australia is any different in online video production.

American Online Audience Continues To Increase

A report in the US about internet usage found that online video watching had increased in 2011, with over half of Americans watching videos on the web.

Professional Web Video Production Growing

Online video does not just mean increased sales for web based businesses. It also allows you to position yourself as an expert in your chosen industry. Your reputation will grow as you regularly put out interesting and informative content which engages the viewer.

There are many stories that tell of people who made low budget videos about subjects they knew inside out which became popular and allowed them to continue making a handsome living from something that began as a simple hobby.

The Australian Media and Communications Authority found that more internet users are watching online video and 50% are receptive to professionally made videos. While 54% watched user-generated content, the remainder watched professionally produced content, or would be open to it. This means a huge potential market for well made and informative videos detailing aspects of your business. The Authority urged small business to begin targeting high quality web video strategies to boost sales.

The time to get involved in web video production is now. The studies show overwhelmingly that people are interested and are watching, and you can be sure your business will profit from well made, well placed videos. The time is long passed when web video was only for entertainment. It is now a powerful business tool in its own right. Click here for more tips on professional web video production from our St. Kilda team, or contact us for expert help in creating quality videos today.

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