When a video starts hitting thousands, even hundreds of thousands of inboxes every week, you can be sure a viral video is in the making, all of these things are possible, thanks to these web video production services in St. Kilda. It has spread around the internet not through a virus, but by people intentionally sending it on to their friends and family because it is something which has touched them, made them laugh, made them cry or is something that has intrigued and entertained them.

We cannot set out to make a viral video without the help of corporate video production companies, because that is something that is largely beyond our control. However, it is possible to analyze the key elements of a viral video and then incorporate them into our own web videos.

Talent is entertaining

People love to see someone with talent. Whether it is a little child who has developed an amazing skill at the piano or someone who is able to make a rabbit disappear, viewers are generally fascinated.  If your small business has a talent, capture it on video and show the world.

Short is Best

People today have short attention spans. Play to this characteristic of your viewer and keep your video short and sweet. As most web video production services do, one or two minutes long is about the length that you can capture people’s attention. It’s amazing how much information you can get across in this space of time.

Keep it short and entertaining.

True Stories Fascinate

There is a video showing a battle between wildebeest, lions and a crocodile which intrigued people, called the Battle of the Kruger. You can entertain people as much through a true story as you can with something that is wildly imaginative and fictionalized.

High Emotion Intrigues and Hold the Viewer

Who can forget Chris Crocker’s emotional defense of Brittany Spears begging through tears that we all ‘LeaveBrittanyalone’? Your video does not need to be as highly charged as that, but  you can appeal to people by looking them in the eye and behaving in a genuine and authentic manner.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

If you have an ability to make people laugh, by all means use it in your video. There have been any number of videos online which have made us laugh, from the baby unintentionally biting his brother’s finger to cats stretching out in alarming poses. If you are able to get someone to smile, you have them half won over already.

So get the best web video production services from St. Kilda, keep your video short, make it authentic and find an amusing aspect and you will have a hit on your hands. Contact our team and learn how we can make a viral video for your business.

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