Answer the right questions through your videos.

You may have seen the writing on the wall that the way to get your web video production business up and running is through the use of web video. But if you are a small online Melbourne-based business, how do you find a great video marketing company to deliver what you are after? There are number of areas you should have a careful look at before you hire someone to do the important job of making and marketing your videos for you.

Make Sure They Are Asking The Right Questions

Is the video marketing company you are considering really interested in the video campaign you are hoping to run? Do they want to find out what type of business you are, how you like to present yourself in the marketplace and what your core ideals and values are? If most of the questions the company asks seem to be about how Melbourne video production can make an attractive looking video for you, but not what you really want, it may be time for you to look elsewhere.

What Is Their Script Writing Experience?

The key to a great video is an excellent script and a good plan. If the company is worth its salt, it will spend a great deal of time getting the script just right, or if you are writing the script, they will want to give you as much help in writing it as possible. It is this that will help you sell your business.

The good video production companies will give you tips about how to present well to the camera and how to appear relaxed but in control. A good web video production company won’t just leave this all up to chance.

How Much Help Are They Going To Give With Distribution?

Once the video is made, you will want it to be seen by as many people as possible. Many video production companies will simply deliver the completed DVDs to you and leave it at that. You deserve more. The very best video production companies will help you distribute your video to YouTube, and get your video hosted on multiple sites.

Does The Company Know About Marketing?

Many video production companies will concentrate on the making of the video and largely leave the marketing efforts to you. This is not what you want. You want someone who can help you use the videos to market your business, so beware of one-man bands who seem to be great at filming but not much else.

Do They Really Understand Video Making?

On the other hand, you may come across a video marketing and web video production company who is keen on marketing and distribution, but whose actual video skills leave a lot to be desired. You require a professionally finished product, so ask for samples of their work in order that you can really see whether they can deliver what you want.

Look for a video marketing production that combines all these skills, video making, distribution, marketing and script writing. Only then can you relax, knowing your marketing campaign is in safe hands. Contact our team today.


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