Find out where your target market is.

Social media is having an impact on web video marketing, and it is important for you the business owner to stay abreast of these changes.

People Don’t Want You To Sell To Them

Think of social media sites like going to a party. Party guests don’t expect you to come up to them and start spruiking your products and services. Just as advertising your wares at a party is frowned on, so is advertising on social media. Engage people with information they find interesting and if along the way you get to mention that you have something on offer they might be interested in, fine, but don’t make it your main focus in your website video production.

Don’t Be A Fake

Online videos for your business should not feature paid actors. People want to see who they’re actually going to be dealing with, so make it your face they become familiar with. Treat the camera as your friend as you do web video marketing; chat to it as if you were having a personal conversation with someone. Heavily scripted presentations are a turn off, so be casual and genuine and you will gain your audience’s interest and attention.

Vary Your Approach

One formula will not suit all situations. Vary your video presentations so that they remain fresh and entertaining. Things never stay the same on the web, so you need to keep an eye out for new and innovative ways of presenting your message.

Find Out Where Your Customer Plays

Your target market may favour one social media site over another. Maybe they got to YouTube most often for their entertainment and information. Wherever it is, you need to know where they are and  tailor your  video accordingly.

Video Shares Are Where It Is At

It used to be that the higher number of clicks you got, the better for your online marketing campaigns. Now success is measured differently, by the number of shares on social media sites. This could be the number of re-Tweets, emails, blog posts or facebook shares. Every time your video is shared, you are exposed to a larger audience and you get free advertising for your business. Make sure people want to share your video by keeping it short and sweet, relevant and informative.

Keep The Comments Coming

Now that you are using social media well, you will need to keep commenting. Follow up any comment you receive about your video and just keep the conversation going. You will show that you’re interested in your customer using web video marketing, engaging with them and you are available to offer them any assistance they need.

If you would like any more help regarding presenting a video, or any other aspect of video making for your small business, get in contact with us at Melbourne Video Production. We would be more than happy to help you in any way we can. You can also check out this resource on video making by clicking here.

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