Think quality all the time.

It is time Australian online companies caught up to their American cousins in the industry and made online video part of their video marketing campaign. It is good to start off right, so here are some tips to get your online videos off to a flying start.

Start With Your Homepage

Your homepage is where people are expecting to see a video nowadays. Without a video front and centre, the website just looks dated. Make sure you have the video at the top of the page, because it is the most important section.

Start With FAQs

There are so many different types of videos that can be produced to promote a business, but it makes sense to start with a series of short videos which deal with frequently asked questions. Make a list of the ten or twenty most often asked questions, or twenty questions about video marketing tips you clients should be asking. Then create a series of short, punchy web video marketing clips which each deal with one question in an informative and entertaining way.

How To’s Are Great

Another excellent type of video to start producing is showing people how to do something related to your industry. If you are a hairdresser, you could show your clients how they should best care for their hair between visits to your salon. Videos such as these position you as the expert in your field and you build up your reputation as an authority and someone who really knows what he is on about.

Keep A High Standard

Viewers of web videos today expect to see a polished product. Pay attention to the lighting and audio in your videos so that your message is delivered clearly. If you haven’t the time or expertise to create quality videos, think about outsourcing them to a professional video production company.

Optimization Is Important

People won’t just happen upon your video by chance. You need to optimize the video for keyword phrases just as you do your website. Try to shape your titles and descriptions around some of the FAQs so that when people search for an answer to their problem, they see your video in the search engine listings.

You Can Go Offline Too

It’s a good idea to make the videos available as DVDs which people can purchase cheaply. This is a good way to extend your influence further and is a great sales and web video marketing tool.

Click here for more tips on how to produce quality videos for your web video marketing campaign. For further tips regarding video making, contact our team at Melbourne Video Production today.

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