Once you have found A players to join your team, having carefully selected her through a well written job ad, a questionnaire, a resume, a simple task and then finally an in depth interview, it is important to get these virtual office assistants quickly and efficiently trained up so they can take their place as a fully functioning and contributing employee.

One of the best ways of teaching a virtual worker can be by using a work wiki. A good example of this is EditMe which you can start at $5 a month and work up to the professional level of $30 a month. This tool allows you to run a password protected work wiki that can be constantly updated and can carry a whole wealth of training material professionally organized and laid out for your new staff member to access. Certain levels can be set, so the new employee for example, won’t be able to see how to do refunds until they have reached a certain level of training and have gained authorization.

At the end of each wiki area there is an area for comments. As the virtual worker goes through the process, they are encouraged to make recommendations on how to add to that system. Pages can be edited, deleted, documents can be shared and videos and images used to personalize it to your company’s look and feel.

Once you new employee joins the team, they can be directed to this work wiki to learn the basics of your business. They will be taken through a set training process, an induction process through the work wiki. You will probably want to begin by including a core section about the culture of your business. You will let them know what products you are working on and the areas of business you are concentrating on. They will no doubt be introduced through the work wiki to some of the other team members.

Further videos will take them through the tasks and processes that they will be expected to complete as part of their work for you. This will probably include things like using Basecamp, writing End of Day emails, having Start of Day calls with their supervisor and using Google Documents. The training material should be as comprehensive as possible and can be a reference point for the assistant to return to at any point in the future, if they need a refresher on anything.

Do you have systems in place to train your new virtual office assistants?

Needing no direct input from you, these virtual office assistants will be trained up to a certain standard, probably within the first week. Every day, their supervisor will check in with them and answer any questions they may have.

Usually at the core of every business there is a system, which is what you are delivering, what is the deliverable to your client. For example the deliverable  may be search engine optimization. If this is what is being delivered, the work wiki will outline how to write an article, how to do keyword research, how do you write a headline and how do you spin. Screen shots of exactly how it is done will also be included.

A work wiki can help immeasurably in the training of your virtual office assistants. It will be well worth the time you invest in this useful tool.

These are just some of the strategies that you can follow to create an effective training plan for your new virtual office assistants. Please click here to learn more small business marketing tips today.

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