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Video Transition: That’s a bit about transitions. I’m going to use transitions again in a sec. One thing you’ve noticed with a lot of the online videos that we do with Dave is an intro and an outro, it’s really important, that first act and call to action as well. The way we do that is, start by, I usually put my transition in first and inevitably I always use a cross dissolve for that. Going from a transition it fades into the next thing, it’s a nice use.

Then we go in and make a title screen. The way you do that is go to this ‘t’, which is next to your transitions, click on that, thanks for using iMovie, thank you Apple, there is a whole bunch of choices of things you can do. You get all these cool little things you can do and they will only be matched to what you need them for. We use simple things. Mostly for the beginning I’ll use a centered text or the zoom one. The zoom one is good, because it is ’you need to be looking at this thing getting closer to you.’ We inevitably use that at the end, the call to action.

Just for a bit of variety I’ll just use a centered one. I want my title to be right at the start, so I just drag it as far left as I can and then I’ll give you some choices. What do you want? Do you want it to look like you’re doing it in front of a curtain, do you want Daryl Guppy, underwater shot? I generally go for simple things or go for the things that are relevant to what we’re doing.

If we’re talking about being this far-out cosmic thing, use a space theme in your video transitions. In this case let’s just go white, no we’ll go black. So we’ll select that, select the duration which you can change in lots of ways. Generally if you’re putting something up on a screen, you want it up there for at least five seconds so people can view it. If you’ve got a quote up there that you need time for people to read or a logo or an intro of some kind, get a feel for it. You don’t want it on there for ten seconds so people think, get to the point, or if it’s too short, so let’s just choose five seconds.

Once you’ve got that, you go in and select it, it will appear up the top like this and then you start adding your new text. So let’s call it a Web Video Essentials With Ben.

David: I’m going to put this on YouTube as well.

Ben: I’m going to call it that. Have you got any suggestions? He’s the SEO expert.

David: No, you were talking about viral content at this point I time. So maybe something along that, Web Essentials, Viral versus Branded Content or something like that.

Ben: Ok, let’s do that. Another great technique is you could start with a quote. We often do that with video testimonials, we put the quote up first. It’s about hooking them, piquing their interest, they want to find out more.

David: Remember that hook, that’s really important and that’s why we spend a bit of time getting that right. Once someone starts to watch the video, you want to make that value proposition straight away so they know what they’re getting out of it.

Ben: In this case I might just format it a little bit differently. Now it might be you pose a question. If you’re doing a series, like podcast interviews, we’ve got a logo that comes up. There are going to be eight videos so it will say, David Jenyns interviews Yanik Silver and it’s part 1 of 8, something like that, it can be practical as well.

David: It depends on the content as well. Sometimes we’ll use those, other times if I want to jump straight into it like the BBS Formula, I jumped straight into ‘the biggest opportunity on the internet right now is buying, building and selling websites.’ It depends what it is you’re trying to do in your online video production.

Ben: Now you’ll see here the title is five seconds long and goes straight into the footage, which we don’t want. So we need to balance this screen down here with this. So you can do two things. You can click on it, and we know that this one is five seconds, so we’re going to make that five seconds as well.

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