If your video sales letter is not converting into sales, the reason may be because you are not grabbing your viewer’s attention at the start. The first few moments are crucial, because in those few moments the prospective client will decide if they video is worth spending time on or not.

The following are few ideas about how to open your video sales letters with punch.

Know Your Avatar

To get a good understanding of who you are marketing to, float out of your mind and into the body of your prospective client. Start to think his thoughts and really get under his skin. What are his frustrations, what are his problems? Think about what are the barriers I would feel to buying that product or service. What would attract me, being that person?

Attract sales by making informative and engaging video sales letters.

Break Their Pattern

People very easily and quickly settle into patterns of daily life. It is up to you to break into that pattern and offer something new. It pays to try to keep on the cutting edge with video, because new ideas are quickly appropriated by others. Come up with an opening that hasn’t been tried before and you’ll secure a captive audience for yourself.

Familiar Is To Be Avoided!

There are an ever growing number of videos to watch now on the web so you need to become very creative in order to capture your audience. Find something that has never been seen or heard before! That is what viral video marketing is about.

Make The Headline.

I never start my video with ‘Hi, my name is…’ Your audience has not interest whatever in what your name is. They want their problem addressed and solved. Think of the opening of your video as the headline of an article in a newspaper. Think of something catchy and relevant to open with.


Most people have a radio playing endlessly in their mind. It is tuned to station WIIFM, What’s in it for me? Your potential buyer is asking this question as he is viewing your video sales letters. How can I benefit from this product or service that you are offering me?

Discoveries And Concerns

Tell your prospective customer what are the advantages and benefits he is going to gain by purchasing your product. Alternatively, you can name and exaggerate his biggest fear. For example, you might ask him what is going to happen if he never achieves position 1 on Google. His competitors are going to steal all his clients, his business will fail, he won’t be able to provide for his family. Now you have his attention completely, you can state clearly the solution you have for his problem.

Once you have found an exciting and novel opening pitch, the rest of the video will flow and you will be able to script it easily. Paying attention to those opening few moments of your video will pay dividends and you will soon see the results in increased conversions. Never neglect this crucial part of your video sales letters.

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