First-time video makers?

It can be a bit overwhelming for first time video makers to plan, prepare and actually shoot their first online video, but you’ll have more success if you are able to apply these video production tips as provided by our St. Kilda web video team.

Don’t worry if you need to do many takes before you get it right. Charlie Chaplin was notorious for taking up to seventy or eighty takes before he was satisfied with the result. Marilyn Monroe needed an acting coach by her side to help her through her films. Mistakes are how you learn. You learn where your sticking points are, where your nervous twitches are. It’s worth doing the extra take until you get the flow just right.

Next, be careful about using your LCD. An LCD is great for setting up and framing, but it can become a bit of a hindrance when you’re filming because the tendency is to watch yourself. You’re not going to be looking into the camera because you’ll be thinking about how you look. You need to look directly into the camera to appear professional and genuine.

It is important to break down your content into sections. It is very difficult to deliver a piece of three to four minute length all in one go. Try to do sections of half a minute or so, and then stop to prepare for the next section. Note down your bullet points and then deliver just one bullet point and then take a break. These sections can then be edited to look as if they were done in one take and will look spontaneous. If you try to do the whole video in one take, ignore other video production tips and just read the script, it will look forced and unnatural.

To make it easier in video media production and post production to join all of the sections together, start and end each section in the same bodily position. You might choose a position such as the power position with your hands touching at the fingertips. That gives the editor a really easier edit point at which to join the various sections.

If you start and stop and you’re doing a few takes, don’t keep everything. It’s easy to delete the takes you don’t want as you’re going along. This is the beauty of digital recording; after doing a few takes you don’t want, just delete them.

Finally don’t be too hard on yourself. You will get better at this over time. The first video you make will be the worst one you ever do, and they will continually improve as your experience grow. Your takes do not have to be flawless, as a lot can be done in post production editing to make your video look very professional. You can really fix a lot of things in post production. Of course this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be well prepared, but it takes a lot of pressure off if you know any little hiccups can be deleted and a polished video quite easily produced with some skillful editing.

If you bear these video production tips in mind, it will help to give you the edge when making online videos. For any further tips and tricks you may like to learn, you can click on this page or you can contact the team at our St. Kilda web video office. We have had a wealth of experience and we love to help.

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