Have you ever wondered what YouTube’s longest video is without using quality video production services? It is in fact a video made by Jonathan Harchick who made it for the sole reason that he wanted to see how much compressed video he could squeeze into the 20Gb maximum allowance from YouTube. He managed 571 hours of a not very interesting slideshow of badly focused pictures from his holiday in Chile.

Although he has had 36,000 hits, you can be sure that he hasn’t had many of those people watch his video from beginning to end!  However, if you are running an online business, it is important that you keep your viewer interested and watching until the very end. You will have a much greater chance of doing  just that if you keep your videos short.

Our team at our video production services in St. Kilda shares the following tips:

You Can Cover More Topics

You are more likely to get people watching your video if you have a two minute video rather than a fifteen minute video. People often check the length of the video before they click PLAY. You should therefore cover a number short topics rather than one or two long ones. Keep it short and sharp and you will increase your audience numbers.

Many Types of Videos

When you’re producing more short videos rather than a small number of longer ones, you can experiment and delve into many different types of videos with the help of top video production services. So many types of videos  can be made. There are overviews of products, how to videos, testimonials, and FAQ videos, answering your customer’s most often asked questions. Choose the ones which are best suited to your industry.

Concentrate on the Product

When you are making a short video, you have less time to waffle on about yourself. You only have time to speak about the main point of the video which are the  benefits of the product or service you’re offering.

Make a Series of Videos

Are you finding it difficult to get all the information across in just a short video of two minutes? The answer is simple. You can make a series of videos, each video production company building on the last. Your potential customer will come back to the series when they have a few spare minutes and continue watching. Or you can start out with a longer video of say, fifteen minutes, and break it down into a series of three five minute videos.

You don’t want to be like Jonathan Harchick and bore people with what you have to offer! Short, sharp videos about your video production services are the way to go and will put you ahead in the web video marketing race! Contact our video production services in St. Kilda today. Click here.

Learn to focus when creating your video.

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