Why not sell face to face?

People buy from people, and not from faceless video production service corporations. This is possibly why online video is so effective as a marketing tool because you have the means of eyeballing your potential customers.

There is a perception out there on the internet that online businesses are just there to scam unsuspecting victims. If you can make an interesting video with you presenting as a genuine, authentic person who has his customers’ best interests at heart, you will go a long way to prove that you are there to deliver on your promises.

The very best way to sell is face to face. This is not possible of course over the internet, but doing an online video for Melbourne production companies is the very next best thing.

Video production service and other similar video services can be far more effective than trying to sell your goods and services through the written word alone. It is just not possible to have the same impact using text and still photos. People want to actually see what they are purchasing and who they are purchasing from.  You can present yourself in the best possible light – no fumbled lines, no ‘ums and ‘ers’. You are able to engage with the viewer and demonstrate your personality, your appearance and your information in just the way that you want to. You won’t forget what you wanted to say, get your words mixed up or stumble over the mat on your way out. You can continue to shoot and edit until you have the video that you want.

You have the first ten or fifteen minutes of the video to really grab your viewer’s attention. After that, if you haven’t shown some compelling opening graphics or an arresting statement, the viewer will be thinking about clicking away. Just as an article entices and intrigues through the use of a catchy headline, so the first seconds of a video gives you the chance to really capture the viewer’s attention. A well scripted, well lit and interestingly shot video with maybe some incidental music to capture the mood will keep the viewer’s attention until the very last frame.

Being able to look your video production service customer straight in the eye and tell them about the goods and services you have on offer is just one of the many benefits of online video marketing. Look your customer in the eye and use your website, YouTube and other video hosting sites to distribute your videos to as wide an audience as you wish.

Online videos can help you connect with your customers, something that you can do to increase conversion. Contact our team for more information on how to create quality online videos today.

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