Be the star of your own show.

People today are more likely to be switching on their computer to watch web video than they are switching on their TV set. Realizing this, advertisers are following their audience over to online video production online and away from TV.

There are many reasons why web video is increasing in popularity and TV is declining. Marketers need to be aware of these reasons and setting their online video marketing strategies in place.

Web Video Is Free

Unlike TV advertising, which is extremely expensive, web video is free to upload and free to access. With the right research, web video can be targeted to exactly the right audience. With TV it can be very hard for advertisers to target the audience they wish to influence.

Web Video Is Always Available

You don’t have to wait for set times to see you favourite show on the web. You are able to choose the time of your viewing, which is probably the biggest reason for the popularity of web video. Video content from video production online is available to view 24/7.

You Can Be A Video Star

Only a select number of people ever make it on to TV, but anyone with a camera can make short video and upload it to YouTube or their website. Young people who are attracted to fame and celebrity are especially happy about this aspect of web video.

You Can View Web Video Anywhere

The portability of web video is a huge attraction. Sitting in your car, on a park bench, even at the beach, you can watch your online video. To view a TV program, you need to be sitting at home, or at least in a restaurant which happens to have a TV on.

People Like Playlists

The playlists online video platform offers can be very helpful for people looking for more information on the same topic, or for similar movies. TV doesn’t offer anything like this.

People Are Less Bothered By The Ads

Ads on TV are invariably muted and people see them as merely a time wasting interruption. Viewers often leave the room when an ad comes on. By contrast, the ads with web video come right at the beginning of the program, they last generally 30 seconds, and there is only one ad to watch at a time. The viewer will therefore pay more attention to an online ad than to a TV ad and won’t be bothered by it as much.

Censorship Is Less

There is far less censorship on the web than there is on TV. The viewer appreciates the fact that he can watch almost anything he likes.

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