More and more people are watching web videos.

There are signs that traditional media is being overcome by the power of video production marketing. This has important implications for online business owners who need to keep up with the trend in order to stay successful.

Study Of Online Video Marketing

Online video production marketing in St. Kilda is becoming more ‘mainstream’ according to a study commissioned in 2011 by YuMe Inc which is a US based video advertising technology company. Frank N.Magid Associates studied the viewers of the YuMe video ad network and found that over 60% of those they interviewed said their online video viewing had increased over the past twelve months and was set to continue growing.

TV advertising is expensive, where advertising online is free, once you have the video created with the help of video production marketing. Because television is so expensive to advertise on, only the heavy weights of each industry are able to use this media. This restricts viewers’ choice.

Nearly all advertisers who have used TV advertising are now adding a sizeable online component. Companies who used to run their ads on television are seeing the writing on the wall and are adding online video to their marketing campaigns, so it is becoming more of a cross platform marketing strategy with the help of internet video production.

Viewers of YouTube want choice, so they are turning more and more to online video and away from television. They also believe that online video production has improved in quality and this is undoubtedly why online video is given television advertising a run for its money.

Another restriction of television is that you have to watch the programs on the time schedule worked out by the stations. With online video, you can watch when you choose to watch. The YuMe study found that online video had become ‘more mainstream’ and viewers also found it more exclusive than the generally targeted content of television ads.

Other Significant Trends

The study also found that as people were generally spending more time watching online videos, their television watching time was reduced. Half those surveyed were watching online videos daily, most watching around seven hours of video per week.

Short sharp videos were favoured, with videos of under five minutes being the most popular. Seventy per cent of those surveyed watched videos under the five minute limit. If you are going to incorporate online video into your marketing strategies, it will pay to remember that people just don’t have long attention spans.

In conclusion, companies are finding it pays to devote their marketing efforts to online video rather than the more traditional media. Want expert help in doing this for your business? Click here to find video marketing tips or contact us to get in touch with our experts on video production marketing in St. Kilda.

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