Avoid the common traps with video equipment.

Don’t let the baffling array of video production equipment lead you into the common traps when it comes to selecting what you need. Taking the time to make smart choices may stop expensive or time-consuming mistakes.

The first error many people make is getting more equipment than they need. If you are making simple information giving videos about your products and services, you won’t need a high level camera to start with. A simple pocket HD camera like a Flip or Kodak Zi8 should be adequate for your needs. Even the iPhone 4 cameras are great these days and allow editing. So don’t go purchasing lots of high end equipment just for the sake of it; this is needless expense when there are plenty of more affordable alternatives.

However, it is no saving if you purchase inferior video production supplies which does not allow you to do what you want to do in regard to filming. When you realize that the substandard equipment you purchased won’t do the job, you will be forced to buy a second set of camera or audio of lighting equipment, doubling your outlay.

Do enough product research by visiting relevant websites so that you know exactly what equipment will serve you best so you don’t make these mistakes.

Thirdly, realize that your tastes and desires will evolve over time, so there is no virtue in standing still regarding the equipment you buy. What is suitable for you now will not be the same as what you will need in three or five years from now. The changes we’ve seen in the past few years with the DSLR camera alone have been amazing and this trend will continue.

It will be necessary for you to add extra pieces of video production equipment as your experience and skill in video making grows. It’s important to stay ahead and incorporate new features and technologies to enable you to be a leader in this area.

Technology paranoia is something that everyone goes through and should be avoided at all costs. It is when you say to yourself, I don’t think I’ll get that camera right now, because they have the new one coming out really soon. Realize that there will always be new products on the horizon and it is impossible to acquire every piece of new equipment as it comes on the market. Rather, try to become an expert using the technology you already have.

Finally, understand that the important thing is not the equipment, but the content. The story you are telling is the most important aspect. Don’t blame the equipment if the video is not as successful as you would like.  Above all, make sure that the content will be fascinating to your viewers. The equipment is only the means by which your message is conveyed. The message you convey will create the lasting impact with your viewer, not whether you have the latest microphone or camera. The content will get your message through and compel them to buy from you.

For further hints on choosing the right video production equipment making compelling videos to sell your products and services, contact us at Melbourne Video Production or click this link. Our team will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

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