Comment to be active in the community.

The online video production business community is an interactive community, and you should join the party by commenting on online videos and blog posts. Of course there are just too many videos and blog posts to comment on every one, but as often as you can, let the video maker or blog post writer know that you have read and appreciated what they’ve done. A note of recognition, a suggestion, or your opinion will all be most appreciated.

It requires some effort on the part of the video maker to plan, script, find the right equipment, shoot, edit and upload their video. It is not something that happens overnight. The blog post writer similarly has to research topics he thinks others will find interesting and then develop his ideas and craft them into concise, interesting writing. It can be a lonely task as these people often work in isolation, and they have no idea, until you decide to comment, how well received their work is going to be.

No one likes to spend their valuable time writing an video production business article or going to the trouble of writing a script, shooting and editing a video and then be greeted by deafening silence. The writer or video maker needs to hear that their creation has reached an audience and struck a chord. It doesn’t take very long to just give the thumbs up or write a quick comment and say how the video or blog post has entertained or informed you.

Comments have a number of benefits to the writer or video maker. Video ‘likes’ on YouTube help a channel get recognition and also helps them get awards and helps them rank better if enough people leave comments.

It is possible for the video maker or blog writer to disable the comments, but this is becoming increasingly rare in today’s online world. In fact they are anxious to see the effect their work has had on the online community, and seek any feedback they can get. They want comments from friends, colleagues and customers to guide them in their future work.

It does in fact cost money, especially for the video maker, to create his videos. However, once his video is complete, you can access it completely free. It is the same case with the blog posts – they are in fact completely free to read. Imagine getting free videos, magazines or encyclopedias even twenty years ago – unheard of! Yet now these are freely available online for any one who wants to take advantage of them.

Don’t comment just to get free back links for your video production services Australia website. Some web site owners leave comments after blog posts and web videos because they can post their URL, and this will provide another back link. However, most SEO people who know what is what will tell you that many of these back links remain hidden from search engines.

So the next time you watch a video that you enjoy, or read a blog post that keeps you informed, write a comment, not for the back link that you may or may not get credit for, but because the video maker and writer needs you to be involved with their work. You will be contributing to the online video production business community and you will also be helping someone out.

Reaching out to the community of your target audience is a way to promote your videos. Make sure to have the type of video that will appeal to them. Contact the team today to find out more.


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