Make the right pitch.

Video marketing companies use web videos for more than just selling more McDonald’s burgers and Cadbury chocolate bars. Now increasingly senior executives are using them to make purchasing decisions. You’ve got to get those videos pitch perfect!

Video Preferences for Executives

It has been reported that executives liked some text used in their video, and that they watched video from a variety of sources  (YouTube for testimonials and business websites for news.)

Forbes Insight Report

It was reported in a Forbes Insight report that over 80% of executives said they were watching more online videos than a year ago and 75% of those said they watched work-related videos at least once a week.

Two thirds of those questioned said they visited a company’s website after watching one of their online videos. It can be seen from this that video, with the help of video marketing companies is now a high level business tool and can persuade those who watch it.

Quality is Improving

Not only the quantity of online videos is increasing, but the quality is improving too. More and more videos are being made by professional video production companies and video production studios, more editing tools are becoming available and band width is increasing.

Pitch Perfect

The key to effective online web video is to know your audience – be clear about who you are making the video for. Think about the fact that senior executives could very well be watching your video and try to capture their attention.

Whoever your viewer is, they will spend more time on your website if they find a video that speaks to them in their language about subjects that concern and interest them. You shouldn’t waste the viewer’s time, but deliver clear factual information which will help them become educated about the industry they are interested in.

To get a professional job done, you may like to outsource your web video creation to a professional company. Doing it yourself takes time, equipment and maybe expertise which you just don’t have at your fingertips. You can trust a professional company to script, shoot, edit and market your video to a very high standard. This leaves you with time to get to work on your business.

Online web video is such a powerful marketing tool that you just don’t want to leave it up to chance. Get the best advice possible from reputable video marketing companies. You can also click here for additional video production tips, and start hitting all the right notes with your great videos. This is the best way to start growing your business. Contact our team today and see how we can help you do this for your business.

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