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Two keys to any business. Let’s just go through a couple of things and we can delve in as deep as we can in these 45 minutes. Just to step back a little bit before we get into the whole PR thing, with any business, it comes down to two factors. Any business has two things to it. Forgetting the actual delivery of the product, that’s just a have-to. There is traffic and there are conversions. So as a business owner, I really believe that your two focuses should be on traffic and conversion. That’s foot traffic into your business and that’s web traffic to your website, and then converting those people once they come to your website or interact with your office, how to convert them into a paying client.

Delivery of your product should not be your issue as a business owner, that’s my personal opinion. I still do not know how to screw a phone system onto the wall, never have, never want to, never will. That’s why we have the technicians and the staff to worry about the delivery of the product. My focus is on the marketing and the lead generation.

Publicity and traffic. So what I want to talk about from the PR perspective is how PR and publicity can factor in on these two elements, traffic and conversion. Publicity and traffic, it’s rather obvious. Obviously, if you’re going to get your business or yourself or your brand out in the media in various ways, you’re going to get more traffic. People are going to find your business and what you do, come to your website, interact with you online, or either walk into your store, or pick up the phone and call you, and speak to one of your sales team or whatever it might be.

Publicity and conversions. Online publicity and conversion metrics is something that a lot of people don’t really get or think about. There are a number of ways that PR can help you with a conversion side of things. Firstly if you feature in the media, you become an authority. You’re an expert, which means so much. I know Dave and I have spoken about a few times this morning, that by being an authority in the marketplace, it’s easy to sell. It’s easy to make sales if you’re an authority. People trust you, people believe you. As well as that, you can charge higher prices too.

So all things being equal, if there’s one person who’s got a bit of media exposure out there, you can charge higher prices because people perceive you as a better operator. There is credibility as well because obviously, if you’re featured in the online media, there is credibility there because people assume the media outlet, the ‘Herald Sun,’ ‘Today Tonight,’ whatever it might be, has done their due diligence and done some research on you to show that you’re credible.

This basically comes down to the halo effect. It’s fundamental that people have a belief and a trust in the media. Whether it is the ‘Herald Sun’ or ‘The Age’ or a trade journal in a particular niche, they believe and trust that authority. If they start endorsing you, that halo that fundamentally sits across that business or that media outlet, comes across to you. So the same way that link love is important, it’s very similar in that you’re getting a vote fundamentally from that media person. They’re endorsing you and that halo effect is coming across to you.

Finally, it is that third party testimonial because it’s not you standing up there beating your chest saying, I am the greatest, I am the greatest, I am really good. It’s someone else saying, hey, this person is good, listen to what they say. In the same way that links are important from an online link building perspective to make yourself look good in Google, PR is a great way to make yourself look good in the real world.

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