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Video Transcript: Why Google AdWords? So just to reiterate. Why do AdWords? Firstly, you get to target people who are actively looking for your product and services. So unlike traditional media where you are hoping to interrupt people by buying a billboard or interrupt people who are reading a magazine, this is where you are in front of people who are actively looking.

They’ve taken a proactive stance and they’re doing something, hopefully have their wallet half open already, looking for the products and services you sell. So it’s much more targeted, less wastage, which is a big thing.

As I said before, you only pay when someone responds. So your advertisement can be seen by thousands of people. But if no one responds, you don’t pay a single cent. So you’re only paying when material works, which is the best way to spend money. The other thing is you get to pick the search phrases. So you go in and say, these are the keywords I want to target. These are the keywords I’m targeting. These are the businesses and phrases I want to be in front of. And you will go in and bid on that keyword. I will show you how to do that in a moment. As I said again, it’s measurable which means it’s manageable, which means you can control it.

How does AdWords work?

So how does Google AdWords work? From a pay-perclick perspective, it’s an auction system. So the price you pay is your maximum bid you’re willing to pay for that keyword times a quality score. So each cost is basically a keyword level. So you don’t say, I want to pay $1 for every single click for every keyword. It’s all based on individual keywords and you pay differently per keyword. So it’s the maximum bid, which is pretty straightforward, times three factors that make up the quality score. Google has this thing called a quality score, which to them is a way to just not give a person with the biggest wallet the best advert. It comes down to other factors as well. These factors are click-through rate, which is the percent of people who see your ad and click on it. So the more effective the ad, the higher people click through, the cheaper your bid is going to be.

Relevance, how relevant is the ad to niche keywords. If you’re bidding on blue shoes and your advert says, we sell red shoes, it’s not that relevant. So Google penalizes you for that. Also the landing page; it’s important that the webpages that your site has, the pages that your ads are pointing to, match the keyword. So you have a website about red shoes or a page about red shoes. You’re bidding on blue shoe and you send people who Google blue shoe, who’ve seen an ad that says blue shoe, and land them on a page that says red shoes. You’ll get penalized for that. Google will track that.

So it’s important that you build websites around different keyword phrases and each keyword you bid on, point them to those relevant pages rather than just your home page for effective internet site traffic. I’ll go through all that in a moment as well.

Now you know that finding keywords using free keyword research tool is not that complicated. You can do it too, and you can start right away. I’d also encourage you to tie it up with a video marketing campaign. Visit this page and contact our web video team today.

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