Do get-rich-quick schemes work?

In Part One of this post, I’ll take you through a bit of the background about how Melbourne SEO Services came about and became a successful online business.

Melbourne SEO Services has taken time to get there and I didn’t start out planning to form an internet marketing company.

I began getting interested in wealth creation one day when I was sitting in maths class with a friend. He told me that while he was sitting there, he was actually making lots of money on the stock market. This piqued my interest and got me thinking about trading for the very first time.

Against the advice of friends and family I decided not to go to University, but instead to take out a $5000 loan and attend a share trading course. I soon realized that I needed a sizable trading float to start trading, and all I had was a $5000 debt.

I was enrolled in a Diploma of Financial Markets at the time and met a like minded colleague through this course. We hit upon the idea that there was a gap in the market for a product explaining a particular charting package, called Metastock. Many people using this package became stuck, and the market was crying out for a home study course to explain it simply.

This home study course which we created over a period of six months sold very well in our immediate community and got lots of excellent feedback. However, it needed a wider audience to have a successful internet business. I realized you can have a fantastic product, but unless it is known in the wider community, your sales are going to remain relatively small.

We both started thinking about marketing and specifically internet marketing which was beginning to take off at this stage. I was studying a lot, attending many different workshops and reading lots of books about so called ‘get rich quick’ schemes, but nothing was really working. I was becoming very frustrated.

I had spent time developing this excellent product the Metastock Programming Study Guide as well as a number of other quality products and I had even obtained around 500 websites in many and varied niches. None of this was bringing in the expected returns I had been hoping for.

Where was the missing link to a successful online business? Why with all my hard work, time and money spent, could I not see better results for all my effort? I decided to take a step back and just consider what I had already learned. I stopped going to workshops every weekend and buying more books and courses. Instead, I thought it would be more beneficial if I just sat and considered what I already had and what I had already learned. I may just discover what it was that I had been missing.

In the next article, I will share with you the breakthrough which did eventually come my way and which was able to turn my fortunes around to have a successful online business.

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