In the first part of our story, we told you how there is no ‘get rich quick’ fix to internet marketing and that a lot of background work had gone into the early days before Melbourne SEO Services existed and became a successful internet business.

When I decided to stop most of my frenetic activity and consider what I already had learnt, I soon realized in a ‘lightning bolt’ experience that it all boils down to traffic. If you get enough traffic to your website, your business will grow enormously.

I knew I had a great product in my Metastock Programming Study Guide, but it wasn’t going anywhere fast. I had over 500 mostly dormant websites, but they were bringing in next to nothing.  Once I realized that the common element missing from all my sites was traffic, immediately I directed my focus on bringing more traffic to my sites. I wanted a system that worked, and I found one which I then was able to test on my multitude of sites.

I tried out the exact same system on my sites in the stock market niche. This is a highly competitive niche, but it began to work there too. I concentrated my efforts on some specific keywords and optimized the sites for those. The business started to go through the roof  and became a successful internet business.

The news of our success started to spread. Soon family and friends were asking for help and wanted us to explain how we were achieving such great results. Then the success we were having spread further afield. Even my dentist wanted help with his site and became one of our best clients.

However, we were spending so much time on other people’s sites our own business started to suffer. I called a meeting of my employees and we jointly came to the conclusion that search engine optimization was what we were best at, and decided to form a fully fledged SEO company. We had proved there was certainly a market for our services.

It was another joint decision between  myself and my employees to start documenting our process. We designed workshops and videos to show other people how to create successful online businesses through various components of online marketing and SEO method like video marketing and outsourcing to have a successful online business.

We were delighted and a little humbled to see that people who were already working in the SEO industry were attending our workshops to find out what our highly successful methods actually were. We got some fantastic feedback for our videos and workshops and were able to record  some very enthusiastic testimonials.

You are now up to date with the Melbourne SEO Services story. You can see that we didn’t just rise out of nothing. Some pretty hard yards have been put in over time to get us to where we are today.

We would like this story to be an inspiration to other online businesses. It may take some time and effort to achieve success, but the rewards of having a successful internet business are well worth every moment.

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