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Video Transcript: After we look at the products and services, shift to the target market. Like I said, get inside their head. I like to create a little bit of an avatar. And this is something I got from Eben Pagan, who’s another internet marketer, this idea of creating the ideal client, the perfect client of who it is that you’re trying to attract. Give that person a name as you research target market. Write down their demographics. Write a story about them and explain their entire situation so you can get into the mind of that person. When you create any marketing online, you always write as if you’re writing to that person. That means you’ll connect with your potential prospect on a much deeper level.

Pete: I was going to jump in there for two seconds and actually give you a real-world example that we use in our telco company. We’ve got two avatars of our clients. One is a 28-year-old female who is a receptionist/office administrator who actually works for an eight-person accounting firm. She has no idea about phone systems but is asked to get three quotes. We do half our marketing to that person. The other half is a 45- year-old male
or female who runs the accounting firm, doesn’t know about phone systems but wants to get one in quickly. That’s it.

So our marketing is targeted to those two people. I can even give you names. I can give you what they wear and all that sort of thing, which we do as a bit of a joke to make the session fun in the office. It’s all about getting a specific idea of who the person is because you can’t market to everyone. The way an 18-year-old female responds, to a 55-year-old male, to a 35-year-old mum, to a 28-year-old guy, is completely different. So the message to market match has to be there. You have to actually know who your target market is and actually really draw it up. I hope you guys actually take that and literally go home and write up some actual ideas and do it because it makes a big difference.

David: Yes, and it’s good because it ends up setting the structure for everything that you do. So then you really start to dig into researching that target market, finding out who your competitors are. Once you know that person and really get in their mind, start to think well, what are the keywords that they’re going to be typing into the search engine, so that we can make sure that we’re targeting the right keywords.

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