Expand your reach by using Twitter, Facebook, and the social media for your business in this week’s viral videos mixed bag.

When it comes to getting your marketing message across your target audience, it is best that you discover how social media for business works. It is fairly easy to get started, it’s sending out the right messages that can be tricky.

Let us know what you think or even better, share with us any exciting videos you’ve seen lately. We always enjoy chit chat with our readers. So go ahead, make use of the comments section at the end of these videos.

1. When it comes to branding and running a successful business, the name Richard Branson quickly comes to mind. Even he uses Twitter to stay connected with the people he deemed important, to be informed, as well as to promote his causes. This is something you, as a business owner, should also try.

2. There is no denying the impact that Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, have in the global society. From being a platform for the Arab Spring to the connection of both people and businesses, Facebook is truly a game-changer.

3. Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable, shares his insights on what 2012 will bring to the social web. It is all about tools we use and the way we share messages.

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