Enhance your small business search marketing through Bing in this week’s viral video mixed bag.

We know it’s hard to keep up with all that is happening around you. And if you are the type of person who takes much joy out of viewing the good, the bad, the funny, and everything else in between then you will surely love our weekly video selections.

Let us know what you think or even better, share to us any exciting videos you’ve seen lately. We always enjoy chit chat with our readers. So go ahead, make use of the comments section at the end of these videos.

1. The first video on our list is an ad from Bing (it’s the other search engine, in case you’re not aware of it). It is fast growing these days and if you are serious with your own small business search marketing then it’s time you take notice..

Holiday search is Bing’s target this season.

2. Next we have the National UnFriend Day. If you are on Facebook (aren’t we all) and you have hundreds or even thousands of people in your friends list, you are not alone. When is having too much friends a bad thing? When it starts to look like a clutter, or annoying.

This is worth watching especially since there is such a thing as the ‘Six Degrees of Separation in Facebook’ which as of this month has been lowered to just 3.74. If you ask me all I really care about is I’m just 3 steps away from Angelina Jolie. 🙂

‘No one has thousands of friends’ – Jimmy Kimmel

3. And lastly, it’s always great to have a sneak peek of the future. Do you think your touch screen iPad is amazing? What if you can do the same thing on your work desk? I just hope it’s waterproof. If a desk wouldn’t let me put a can of soda on it, then it’s a no-go.

Tom Cruise’s work interface in Minority Report may become reality a lot sooner than we thought.

If you’re anything like us you’re probably on YouTube all the time – there’s just so much cool stuff on there. If you’re looking for more interesting and informative videos to help your business get found online: visit our YouTube channel by clicking here.

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