Are you doing everything possible with good, smart common-sense SEO to make sure your site is on the first page of Google? Are you aiming to be the best marketed business in your local area?  There are two fun small business marketing tools to help you which you might like to take a look at.

To complement your serious SEO efforts, it is great to try something a little left-field to increase your visibility and give your business an exciting and entertaining edge. There is a site called www.Fiver.com which provides you with some novel ways to advertise your business. For a mere five dollars, people will do many interesting, even wacky things which can help to make your business more visible. Simply go to the website and see what is being offered. Someone will, for only $5, write an amusing short song which speaks of the benefits of doing business with you. Someone else will write small business marketing ideas that they love your business in the sand. Or they will write the  name of your business on their forehead.

It creates buzz around your business, and makes it a little bit more fun. Just on the first page of the website recently, people were advertising that they would speak your message in the cartoon voice of your choosing, make an animation with your logo, run your commercial on one of their internet radio shows, give start up internet marketing advice, create high impact slogans or brainstorm names for your product or company. You can find things that you can make go viral for your business. Some things you can find on this site can seriously help your business.

A second tool which can be very helpful is SendOut cards. Go to www.sendoutcards.com and discover a service which can benefit your business and you personally. This service will send out birthday cards, thank you cards, anniversary cards and so on with a real stamp and a hand-written message from you printed on it. They will send postcards, greeting cards and three-fold cards. You can get a free seven day trial for the service. This is ideal as part of your small business marketing tools and autoresponder series for your business.

It is a great way to engage with your clients. Every time someone buys something from you, you could get their address, upload it to SendOut cards and send them a thank you card. The service will also send a variety of gifts like toys, books and chocolates. If a new client stats working with your business, you could send them a card saying, thank you for your business, we look forward to working with you.

You could also run a targeted promotional postcard campaign to local businesses and one of your virtual assistants could easily organize this through SendOut cards. Of course you can use the service for yourself personally, and get the service  to say, send every one of your friends a birthday card.

Either of these small business marketing tools will give your business a boost. Invest in one or both and sit back and watch your business increase.

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Aim big, there are a lot of ways to do it.

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