Sometimes it takes statistics to confirm what we knew all along.

This is true in the case of web videos. We, at Melbourne Video Production, noticed an increased in the number of inquiries and clients getting our video marketing services days after comScore pointed out that almost 87% of internet users watch videos online. The comScore data also indicated that five minutes is the average time viewers spend in watching videos online, just more than enough time to grab the viewers’ attention and make them listen to what you are about to say.

quality web video marketing

These latest digital statistics from a leading internet technology company echoes what we have been telling in this blog for months, that you need quality web video marketing strategy for your business if you want to stand out from your competitors.

Sure you can create your own business video, but it takes the best video recording equipment to capture what you really want to tell your customers. You can spend days preparing for the shoot, but you may still find something lacking as you go on with the recording, leaving all your efforts to waste.

We can help if you want to save time and energy in producing quality videos for your business. We have affordable and effective video marketing packages to suit your budget. You can even hire our studio if you want to appear more polished and professional in your videos.

We offer three set-priced video packages to jumpstart your video marketing efforts.

First is “Your Story” where you have the chance to introduce yourself and your business’ journey. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and why your customers should trust your business.

Second is “Testimonials‘. Let your raving fans do most of the talking. Your past clients will be more than happy to share their experience working with you, giving your prospects more than a hint that you are the person to go to for that particular product or service.

The last is “FAQ” video, which is a huge time-saver as you record a series of frequently asked questions and answers to fill in your clients with information before even setting an appointment with them. If you don’t have this yet then you’re definitely missing out a lot of opportunities to get more clients for your business.

These are the most effective and popular video types for businesses, and we can help you produce these videos as soon as possible for a quality web video marketing. Just grab the phone and talk to us at 1300-662-979 or click here to contact our video marketing experts today.


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