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1 page = 1 purpose

website purposeVideo Transcript: The big thing which is going to be another message for the whole session today is that one page, one purpose. Every single page on your website should have a purpose and have an outcome. You should work out what that page is designed to do and make sure that it does it.

The About Us page is designed to give credibility, make it give credibility and nothing else. Don’t confuse people. Don’t have a webpage that has nine different outcomes. It’s going to confuse people and they will not take action.

A confused person doesn’t take action. That applies to any sort of marketing, be it online or direct mail, or even any sales process, on the phone or live. A confused person doesn’t take action. So make sure every page has a purpose.

1 page = 1 keyword

As Dave said, every page has to have a keyword focus. From a website perspective, let’s say you run a bike store. You want to have a page about Trek bikes. You want to have a page about another brand
of bikes, Cannondale bikes. It’s all about having one page, one keyword. So not only does it work from a conversion perspective, it works from an SEO perspective as well.

Google is the same. Google is exactly like your customer. It will get confused if you try to do more than one thing for the webpage. If you’re trying to target more than one keyword, just like the person reading it, Google is going to get confused and do nothing with your site.

Help them pick up the phone

My biggest soapbox pet peeve is about website phone numbers. To me, a website is designed to get the phone to ring. Last Friday – not yesterday but the Friday before – in our office, one of the girls, her battery died on her car. She was not a member of RACV, so six o’clock at night on a Friday night, wet and rainy here in Melbourne, she had to try and get a battery into her car. So someone in the office said Holler For a Marshall, from the company that does that. We jumped on their website and their business model is, call us when you’re in an emergency. We will come and give you a battery.

Their phone number is on their Contact Us page, at the bottom, in size 10 font. It’s just ridiculous. The biggest thing is make your phone number prominent first and foremost. When it comes to phone numbers, one thing I try to do with all our marketing in our business is, it’s got to be measurable and manageable and it’s got to actually answer for itself. So one thing we do is every piece of marketing we have has its own unique phone number.

We have over 140 phone numbers coming through our office. I guess we’re a telco company, so it’s not overly cost-prohibitive. For $20 a month, you can get a 1800 number that you put just on your website. When you get your bill every month for that phone, you will see how many calls that website generated. It’s all about tracking.

So not only has it got to have a phone number to help people call and be prominent. You want to be able to track this material. We actually have a different phone number appear on our site if someone comes through AdWords, different to those that come through natural traffic. If someone comes back to our website for a second time, it’s a different phone number again because they’re not a first time visitor.

I hope you get to analyze the real purpose of your website and do something on individual pages to attract your target market. After that, then it is best to include your company videos to further introduce your business. Want to get expert assistance from us? Get in touch with our video production team today.

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