Recognizing the different types of promotional video production available for your business can help you find the balance that works for you. There are four types of promotional videos which can be very useful for your online marketing strategy.

1.      Introductory Video

The biggest fear people have about doing business online is that you will disappear with their money and they will be left with nothing. Video helps increase the trust your prospective customer feels for you and will lead to them confidently doing business with you. If they can see a real person introducing a company, they will begin to feel that you are a real person and they should make that leap of faith and purchase the product or service that you are offering. You can make your video and then upload it to YouTube or put it on your website.

2.      How-To Video

Demonstrating exactly how your product or service works can be very powerful. Text and still images just don’t have the same punch. You can spend pages of text describing something and how it can change someone’s life for the better, but often people don’t have the patience to wade through page after page of descriptions. Short and catchy marketing videos can show that you are using the product and showing the benefits it offers can convince someone in a matter of minutes that it is worth purchasing.

A clear how-to video adds instant authenticity to a product and this can be a very powerful selling tool. Add a call to action at the end of the video so the viewer knows exactly what they need to do next. You may have a phone number to call or an opt in box which will provide the viewer with an easy to follow way to purchase whatever it is you are offering.

Create promotional videos and watch your business grow.

3.      Product Video

You might have a new product or product line that you have just come out with in your small business. All the words in the world will not show your product in as good a light as a well made promotional video production will. You can make the video about a newly released product or about your entire product range of existing products.

This is your chance to showcase the quality of the product you are offering. People expect to see a video now, they will not be satisfied with still images. You need to be very clear about the benefits and features of the products you are offering and how they will enhance the customer’s life.

4.      Personal Video for Personality

To show your customers that you are a real person, you may run a Facebook fan page as well as your main site. On this you can upload videos of you on holiday or relating some great news that you have received. Facebook allows you to share this type of experience. Your clients will be able to connect with you on a different level.

It does not matter which types of promotional video production you begin with. Just get started and your business will reap the benefits.

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