Get to know your customers better.

Relevance is important in many spheres of life – when you’re talking to friends, when a professor is  delivering a lecture – but no where is it more important than when you are engaged in promotional video production. We can only really attract an audience for our videos if we have relevant, entertaining content to offer.

Every week more and more people are watching videos online and spending greater amounts of time doing just that. With an ever increasing audience, you want to get a share of the action by supplying informative and interesting videos which will keep people watching until the very last frame.

Understand Who You Are Targeting

It is important that you have a fair idea of the characteristics and habits of the audience you’re targeting. Create an avatar, an ideal customer, and discover their age, their interests, and their  problems and worries. An excellent way to engage with your potential market is through social media and video production company Australia. By this means you can enter into dialogue with them and find out more about them.

Know Your Customer As Well As you Know Your Best Friend

People want to know that you really ‘get’ them and any problems they may be experiencing. If you can clearly describe their difficulty and then suggest a viable and practical solution for those difficulties, the job of selling to them is already half complete. Promotional video production can be a most effective way of doing this.

FAQs Are A Great Way To Go

Giving clear and concise answers to your customers’ most frequently asked questions is a great way to connect with them. Even answering the most basic question will be of value to a beginner, and then you can answer more complex questions for someone who is more experienced. You can even ask and answer the ten or twenty questions you think the customer should be asking.

You Must Be Up To Date

It is surprising how many businesses are not aware of what their competition is doing. It is most important to keep on the cutting edge of your industry – be aware of new innovations and new technologies just coming on to the market. You can then pass this information on to your customers, who will view you as an expert and their guide in your niche.

Google Alerts Will Keep You On Top Of Your Game

One excellent way to remain at the forefront of what is going on is to use Google Alerts. If you have a landscaping business, for example, you can set up a Google Alert for the term ‘landscape gardening’, as well as for your keywords. You will get a daily or weekly update from Google about these terms.

Use these promotional video production methods to stay in front of your competition and keep your video content relevant at all times. Need assistance in doing this? Contact us to find out more.




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