Web videos, like all good stories, should have 3 acts.

The time honoured structure of all plays, movies and novels is based on three acts. People have told their stories in this manner since the dawn of time and it is a structure which we are hard wired to be fascinated by. When you are writing the script of your professional video production, it is a structure which if followed, will not let you down.

The three-act structure is a structure in scriptwriting which is clear and simple, and will not confuse people. It pays in video to be very clear, and if you have a simple plan, it will allow you to get across an unambiguous message.

You may be tempted when you start out, to think, I have so much great information, I just want to get it all out. Resist this temptation. It is similar to the way a lot of people build their websites. They include so much information that people get lost and switch off,  leaving the site after only a few seconds. This won’t happen to you when making your web video production services if you keep it simple by following this clear and simple structure.

The beginning – set the scene.

Traditionally, the beginning is where the main characters, the protagonist and antagonist, who are the hero and the villain are introduced.  If your professional video production is to do with a certain product you are demonstrating, the protagonist, the hero, is the product you are introducing to your audience. The antagonist, the villain, is the negative situation or condition which you need to overcome.

The middle – the main plot

The next section is where you explain the obstacles which need to be dealt with. Maybe your prospective client has heard that products similar to yours have exhibited some technical difficulties. Explain that with your product, these problems have been sorted, and this is why your product is superior to all others on the market. Perhaps the client has discovered a major difficulty in being able to find this product when they need it. You will reveal that you have a constant supply and doing business with you, they won’t experience any shortage.

Walk in your customers’ shoes for a little while and anticipate the difficulties they may be experiencing and then you will be able to address their anxieties. When you can articulate their problem better than they can, then you will win their trust.

The Ending – a happy resolution

Having articulated their problems, you show that you are able to provide a satisfactory solution. Now give them the opportunity to take some action, whether it is coming to see you, picking up the phone to order your product or providing you with their email.

This is the outcome you had in mind from the beginning of the professional video production, but now, having structured your video in this simple way, you are able to achieve this objective by having your clients take the action you want. You have understood their problem completely and you have been able to provide them with a satisfactory solution. You have achieved your goal.

Now you have these clear ideas on how to write a script for your professional video production. Click here to get additional tips straight from the expert.

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