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Video Transcript: Pete: I just want to touch on the buying domain material. I think it is a wise move to be buying up business domains right now in your niche and in your space and just doing 301 redirect, not for any other benefit than just owning the space.

Forget the link benefit that you may or may not get when buy cheap domain names, it’s actually wise to be going and buying as many domains as you can because it is $25 a year. Go and buy 10, $250 a year, it’s going to stop your competitors. Back in the 1930s, if you could buy a beach front property for $10,000, you’d do it. It’s one of those things, you do it while you can because there’s not much competition out there.

There are people out there who are literally building business models around ranking for Melbourne dentist and then just selling the leads. They’re not actually dentists themselves, they are just building web-based portals and selling leads and they’re coming quickly. So I think it’s wise to go out there and grab some of these domains from a domain name reseller that Dave’s talking about, so you just actually own the property.

I hope you realize the importance of having a personal domain name. After that it is best to create your own video to promote your domain. Want to get top notch assistance from video production experts? Contact our team for more details.

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