If you’ve started your online business and are now at the point of looking at growing it, you need to seriously start thinking about your outsourcing strategies and how you can best manage that successfully.

The following are ten points you need to consider when you begin to outsource.

  1. Identify tasks that can be eliminated

Think carefully about how you spend the hours in your day. RescueTime is a helpful piece of software which enables you to log exactly where you are spending your time and provides you tools to make you more productive. Using a tool like this, you can easily identify tasks which you can eliminate by delegating them to someone else.

  1. Identify tasks which could be done by someone else, just as well.

Many low level types of jobs can be easily outsourced. You won’t lose out by this, as you will find willing workers who will be able to perform these tasks well, sometimes even better than you can.

  1. Identify the most time consuming tasks

As part of effective outsourcing strategies, please remember that things that are taking up the most of your time are things that you want to outsource first. However, this does not apply to the core tasks of your business. If you are a copywriting business, of course most of your time will be taken up with copywriting and you would not look to outsource this.

  1. Identify the most stressful tasks.

If you do not have particular competence in a particular task, this is likely to cause you a lot of stress. This is a good task to find someone to outsource to.

  1. Identify the most important tasks

The most important tasks are those which bring you in the most money. These are tasks which you need to keep a close eye on, and will be ones which you won’t want to outsource.

  1. Build  a process dependent business

It is inevitable that your staff from an outsourcing service provider will change over time, so make sure your business is process dependent, not people dependent.

  1. Create a step by step process

Your process should be broken down into easy to follow small steps. This makes it much easier to outsource.

  1. Don’t miss any steps

All steps need to be followed in order, so that the end result can be efficiently achieved.

  1. Don’t be the bottleneck.

If you are insisting on checking every step ion the process, you will quickly become the bottleneck. Start to delegate responsibility so that everything can begin to run smoothly. Hiring project managers to take over can work wonders for the effective running of your business.

  1. Better to spend 30 minutes teaching than 10 minutes doing

It will be time better spent to teach someone how to do a task than spend ten minutes doing it yourself, especially if it is a recurring and repetitive task.

Take these ten outsourcing strategies and your business will begin to grow faster than you ever imagined.

These outsourcing strategies will help you start to grow your online business as you hire competent people to join you onboard. There is a lot more great tips on expanding your business if you will follow these effective strategies today. Click here to find out more.

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