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It seems as if we have just got used to online video sites and already it has started to change. To keep up with the demands of the consumer, it has had to become a medium which adapts very easily. This is a marvelous marketing tool and as such you need to be aware in which direction it is moving. We have identified three major ways that web video marketing for online business has recently changed.

Stand Above The Pack With High Quality Videos

First, there is more video than ever on the web, so you need to make sure yours attracts maximum attention. Small business owners are catching on to the idea that web video can be a very effective marketing tool. For this reason, more and more video is being made and uploaded in Youtube than ever before. Fifty seven percent of internet users are now watching video regularly, compared to 50% just a year ago.

Because there is so much online video sites on the web, you need to be able to stand out by having very high quality and high impact videos on your website.  You might even need to turn to a professional team to make your videos for you or to add polish to them so that you can compete successfully. You need to be able to convert your visitors to actual sales.

Attention Spans Are Growing Shorter

People’s attention spans are short, so your videos need to cater to this when uploading these on a video website. Of the 57% who watched videos as mentioned above,  66% of those regularly watch short clips like film trailers, music clips, previews and highlights of news. These were watched far more often than full length movies and entire news bulletins.

The good news is it doesn’t take long to sell your product or service using video marketing. In just 60-90 seconds you can make a snippet that shows the viewer the benefits of your product, make a short FAQ video or do a how to video showing visitors the way to complete a task.

Mobile Phone Technology Takes Over

Because more and more people are accessing the internet using their mobile phones, your video should be tailored to viewing on mobile phones, tablets and smart phones.

A study done recently by Frank N. Magid Associates and sponsored by Metacafe showed that 30% of viewers used their mobile phone, internet connected TV or wireless technologies to connect to the internet.

You just need to walk around the city street to prove to yourself that this is true. Every second person has a mobile phone to their ear!

It is always wise to research on what appeals to your target market so you can customize your business videos before sharing it on top online video sites. Want more tips on how to do it? Click here. You can also contact our team of video marketing experts to help your business get more exposure using videos today.

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