More and more people are watching online videos.

It seems that there is no stopping the growth of web video, so if you have an online business, you must continue to invest in this powerful tool of online video sites.

Figures released by Google in I  June 2011 state that YouTube is number two on the top 100 sites and gets 800 million unique figures per month. It sits just behind facebook which became the first site to get one trillion page reviews in a month. The third placed globally, is Yahoo!, although Yahoo! is ahead of YouTube in theUS.

What is remarkable about these figures is that facebook gives many people to visit it, whereas YouTube is just about video.

However, be aware as a small business owner that there are many other video sites on the web besides You Tube.

Other Video Sites

Coming in at number 127  is Metacafe, one of online video sites which offers movies, games and music, with Megavideo just behind.

A video site free video websites based inFranceis Daily Motion which has the number 42 spot.

At numbers 37 and 44 there is 56.com andPPSwhich are Chinese video-sharing  and new media sites streaming web video. Two other Chinese sites, Joy and Soku make the top 100.

The number 24 site among some free video websites is Tudou and is one of the largest video websites in China where people can upload, view and share video clips. Though focusing on the Chinese audience, Tudou is becoming popular with users world wide because it allows the viewer to watch a wide variety of content ranging from licensed episodes of TV shows and movies, to short ten minute clips.

Youku is a video hosting site also based in China and is the sixteenth largest site on the web. It is about five years old and started out like YouTube with user generated videos and has evolved into the area of professionally produced licensed videos.

What This Means To You

Of course YouTube remains the largest video site, but you can see that it is certainly not the only one. In order to get your videos maximum exposure, consider uploading them to some of the sites mentioned, or others, to help grow your online business.

The time and effort you put into online video marketing using online video sites will always bear fruit. The more places you post your video, the more traffic you will get which will inevitably lead to improved sales for your goods and services. It will be time well spent.

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